Bluetooth Mouse

Given the buzz around Bluetooth technology, you may have been asking yourself what exactly a Bluetooth mouse has to offer that a regular RF wireless mouse does not. Well, the answer simply lies in the quality of connectivity in both cases. If you are thinking of adding Bluetooth to your system, then there is an easy way of going about it. This would involve switching from your current mouse to a Bluetooth mouse. The question that whether Bluetooth is useful to only some people is something that still remains to be a debatable matter. However, there are some few niche products like the mobile phones and PDAs that support Bluetooth and the product line grows by the day. Yes, you can understand now that the Bluetooth can be a great thing for those who opt for integrated Bluetooth on their laptops.

In case you already have a system with Bluetooth, either of these mice will work perfectly fine, not necessarily including any BT dongles. This is, however, the right option for laptops as you don’t have to worry about dealing with some code mess. Logitech and Microsoft are the two biggest names when it comes to producing a Bluetooth mouse. Logitech has got the MX-900 and for Microsoft there is the Intellimouse Explorer for Bluetooth 2.0. The two mice actually resemble each other with the only main difference being in the layout of wheels. The Microsoft mouse in this review is their second generation BT product which includes their tilt-wheel; however, Logitech uses the standard wheel that has been in common use for years.

The Logitech wheel has a tactile that is soft and allows you to beware of every step you take while you are scrolling. On the other hand, the Microsoft has got what seems like a free-roaming wheel. The Microsoft wheel scrolls smoothly, thereby making your work a lot easier. The general performance rate of both the wheels is the same but most people will probably find the Microsoft wheel to be awkward in the beginning. However, the good thing about the MS wheel is its indented shape which feels nicer to scroll.

Many people don’t bother having wired keyboards, since their movements are minimal but getting a mouse with no wires is actually a great thing. There are, however, several advantages associated with wireless desktop products, since they have additional features that make them worth their prices. For instance, these products have the ergonomics and the comfort as they are designed to fit your hands better. They are ergonomic with a wrist-rest and are keyboard shaped to give you the desired comfort as you scroll. The Kensington wireless desktop has got a wireless optic mouse that glides smoothly and both the buttons have nice resounding clicks with a solid scroll wheel. Both the forward and back buttons on the sides are very well placed especially for right-handed people. Nowadays, more and more laptops are shipping with a built-in Bluetooth, since they are the latest trend of the century. Optical mice are another product that is being embraced in the 21st century.

While Bluetooth technology does have limitations of distance, it is making life easier for many people. More and more products are shipping with Bluetooth capabilities so you should be able to find further uses for the technology as you go. Who knows? Next might be a way to use that Bluetooth mouse with your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or PDA. Using a Bluetooth mouse with your laptop really gives you freedom from wires when you are out and about and isn’t portability what’s important in today’s computing advances?

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