Bluetooth Headset Adapter

Most of the wireless devices in use today have Bluetooth support, but there are still many around that do not. A Bluetooth headset adapter allows a Bluetooth headset to be used with a device that does not support it. The benefits of using an adapter include the freedom that comes from wearing a wireless headset, along with an end to the problem of tangled headset cords. An adapter can even be swapped between several mobile phones, music players, and other devices that lack Bluetooth support. It is a simple device that does not require any adjustment once it has been connected and paired with a headset, but there are several important features to look for when choosing an adapter, such as a rechargeable battery.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that sends and receives digital data using radio signals. It was designed to replace cables in portable devices, such as mobile phones and headsets, and is also used for wireless computer accessories, such as keyboards and mice. The need to conserve battery power in these devices makes it necessary for Bluetooth to use a low powered signal. Of course, the downside of using a signal with low power is that it has a short range. While there are some Bluetooth devices that have a range of over three hundred feet, the typical range is less than thirty feet. Several versions of Bluetooth have been developed over the years, so it is important to check for compatibility before buying a headset adapter.

A Bluetooth headset adapter is a slim and compact device that fits easily into a pocket or carry bag. One type of adapter is designed for use with mobile phones and music players, and normally is connected to a standard headset jack with a short cable. The other type is designed for use with notebook computers and looks similar to USB flash drive. These are useful because many notebook computers support Wi-Fi but not Bluetooth, so while they can access wireless networks and the internet, they cannot be used with a Bluetooth headset. Using an adapter bridges this gap and allows video conferencing and VoIP internet calls to be made simpler and more convenient.

Preferably, a Bluetooth headset adapter should have a rechargeable battery that provides sufficient talk time and standby time. This avoids the need to draw power from a device and preserves its battery life. Buyers should also look for an adapter that has tiny LED lights that indicate the battery charge and headset status. Most adapters have a small cable that plugs into the headset jack on a phone, but some models have a custom plug for a particular device, such as the Apple iPod. Carrying the adapter around can be a problem so it should come with a belt clip or Velcro strips, or some other means of attaching it to a phone.

Like any other Bluetooth device, an adapter will need to be paired with a headset before it can be used. Pairing is process by which two Bluetooth devices learn how to identify and communicate with each other. Some models even support auto-paring which eliminates the need for this simple step. But for those models that do not support it, pairing is accomplished by placing the two devices close to each other and pressing a button on one of them. After a short time, the devices identify each other and record the details in their memory, after which they will automatically detect each other when they come within range.

The Jabra A210 is a just one example of a Bluetooth headset adapter. It measures just under two inches square on both sides and is less than half an inch thick. It connects to a mobile phone with a cable and a standard headphone jack. When fully charged, the battery inside the Jabra A210 provides up to eight hours of talk time, or up to 240 hours of standby time. Two LED status lights let the user know the power status and the battery charge level. An AC power adapter is included in the box, along with a belt clip and Velcro pieces. The Velcro can be used to fix the adapter to the back of a mobile phone, making it easier to carry around.

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