Bluetooth Adapter

Whether it’s about desktop computing, listening to your favorite music, or watching your favorite videos, Bluetooth technology is all the rage nowadays. Just recently, a company named Belkin has released their newly designed Bluetooth adapter.

Although this Bluetooth adapter has myriads of uses, Belkin has specially designed this device to access your iPod – undoubtedly one of the hottest gizmos that has a lot fans around the globe. With the help of a Bluetooth adapter, your iPod turns into a wireless entertainment gadget where you can listen to all sorts of sounds and music.

Sad to say, if you’re a big fan of iPod, you would have to wait for the release of this Bluetooth adapter if you’re living in Asia, Europe, etc. For now, let’s take a close look at what this new Bluetooth technology can do for you.

How It Works
Bluetooth is a technology that uses short-range radio frequency bandwidth to transmit data between Bluetooth-enabled devices. The technology has been around for a number of years but gained in popularity in the past five years. Now it is common to find personal electronics such as PDAs, cell phones and laptops already equipped with a Bluetooth adapter in order to take advantage of the technology.

Bluetooth technology uses a 2.4 Ghz radio band that is unlicensed and available in most of the world. The actual process is known as a frequency-hopping spread spectrum which basically means the data is chopped into smaller pieces that are transmitted on many frequencies. The devices change frequencies up to 1600 times per second!

Mobility and Flexibility
No matter what music or genre you’re hooked up to, as long as you’re within 30 feet away from your iPod, the Bluetooth adapter allows you to listen to any playlist. That means you could be cooking in the kitchen, doing some yoga exercises, playing chess, etc. while listening to your iPod.

Not sure if it’s compatible with your iPod? Get this – the Bluetooth adapter works hand in hand with almost any Bluetooth sound and stereo equipment. Whether you have a first, second, third, or even fourth generation iPod, you can expect the Bluetooth adapter to work in sync with it.

Other Niceties
“Alright, that sounds nice and fine…but I’m not a huge iPod fanatic. What else can this Bluetooth adapter can do?” you may ask.

The good news is that any Bluetooth compatible or wireless device can work with the Bluetooth adapter! That means you can use it with your computer or laptop. With its design specially geared at wireless networking, this technology can link up to almost any piece of device or equipment.

Matter of fact, a company known as Newton Peripherals unleashed the world’s smallest Bluetooth adapter – the MoGo Dapter, back in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’re a huge fan of laptops, this is great news for you. The MoGo Dapter is small enough to for flawlessly into any USB in your laptop without taking up a lot of space. Now, you don’t have to worry about plugging in your Bluetooth adapter and removing it when you’re packing up your laptop and keeping it.

What’s even more interesting is that you don’t have to worry whether it will work with your old laptop. Studies revealed that over 200 million older laptop models are compatible with the latest Bluetooth adapter and can derive just as many benefits and features from it as well as the latest laptops would.

Continually Evolving
Just like everything else, manufacturers are on the loose…trying to improve the latest Bluetooth adapter with new bells and whistles. It won’t be surprising to find one that’s specialized for data gathering and analysis in the near future.

Yes, it will be a must-have not just for iPod lovers but for businessmen and travelers as well.

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