Blu-ray Recorder

With as many television programs and movies out today we find ourselves needing a way to record them to watch them at a more convenient time. Many people have TiVo or DVR’s with their cable and satellite dishes which gives them the ability to record something from their television to watch at a later time. The people of Japan have designed the new blu-ray recorder that can serve as a multi-functional piece of equipment.

The blu-ray recorders that are being sold in Japan today are capable of storing up to 250 hours of High definition television programming. This is much more than the average DVR that comes with your cable box. Recording in high definition takes up a lot of space on your DVR’s internal memory and therefore limits the amount of television shows and movies that can be stored at once. Many of the DVR’s that we own today do a good job recording but what happens when you have your DVR filled? Unfortunately you have to start picking and choosing some of your recordings to delete in order to make room for a new program to be recorded. The blu-ray recorders that are being designed today eliminate this problem by giving you plenty of recording time to work with and can even be added as a supplemental recording unit along side your current DVR system.

Unfortunately the blu-ray recorder has yet to make its appearance in the United States. Although they are becoming popular in Japan they have not been able to succeed in convincing other countries that they are beneficial enough to purchase. The main draw back of the blu-ray players are the cost. They are rather expensive and usually start at around $800 and go up from there depending on the features and the amount of space available. For many people the price of the blu-ray player is just not worth storing their favorite shows and movies when they could easily watch them on their DVR, purchase them new or download them from the internet and burn them onto CD. Another reason that blu-ray recorders have not made it into the United States for in home and personal use is because of copyright laws. Most of the movies and shows that we enjoy and would record would be protected by copyrights and therefore it would become complicated trying to prevent people from infringing upon other’s rights.

When it comes to professional use, there is a blu-ray recorder that has recently come to the United States. This blu-ray recorder was recently put out by JVC and is intended for use by professional videographers. This type of blu-ray recorder is not designed for recording movies and television shows but rather for burning and recording their own DVDs. This professional blu-ray recorder costs around $2,000 so even for a professional the cost may not be worth the product.

As technology advances we can only imagine how many new pieces of equipment will become available. Although the blu-ray recorders may not be around right now there are many other devices that can record and burn movies and television shows for us. In the future there will be something even better and more convenient that everyone will be demanding so even though it may be frustrating to some that the blu-ray recorders is not available it will soon be replaced with a better item. Blu-ray recorders were invented with good intentions but unfortunately they have not gone very far when it comes to sales. We can only hope that the blu-ray recorders will eventually be designed and marketed for everyone’s needs at a price that everyone can afford.

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