Blu-ray Receivers

Your home theater viewing and listening experience can be greatly improved if you will consider adding one of the many blue-ray receivers that are for sale to your system. You probably already know that the future for DVD’s is Blue-ray. Since Blue-ray technology is taking over, the receivers and players are much wanted items now.

Blu-ray receivers will take input from your other blu-ray devices and route it to your surround sound and HDTV. These receivers can have up to eight different inputs for your media devices. Blu-ray receivers can usually accommodate a 5.1 surround sound system with many of the newer ones even accommodating up to 7.1 to make room for the extra speakers. This gives you the absolute best surround sound experience you could have ever imagined.

Samsung HT-AS720 blu-ray receivers are great for HDTV lovers. These are good midrange receivers that have 650 watts of power with a variety of connection options. You get the classic Samsung black/silver/blue styling with these receivers and they will match your other Samsung components. These hi-definition receivers will give you real theater-like sound. Each receiver has two HDMI-CEC inputs and 2 HDMI output and 1080p pass through capability.

Samsungs AS720 receivers also support the pass through of Dolby True HD and DTS HD. They each have a Dolby Digital Plus decoder built in. Movies can be totally enjoyed with full bodied sound and crystal clear pictures. These blue-ray receivers are designed to be impressive whether they are turned on or not.

Other great blu-ray receivers include those made by Onkyo. Onkyo blu-ray receivers also have a full range of sound options. They have several THX compatibility features and are famous for their Dolby Pro Logic compatibility. Onkyo receivers offer 1080p HDMI digital video switching capabilities. You will be able to plug in up to five devices.

Onkyo receivers work well on most high definition televisions and will give you really good sound, color and picture clarity on whatever brand you have. One advantage to these blue-ray receivers is that they are XM-ready and compatible with Sirius satellite radio. These receivers are really great but be prepared to pay a pretty hefty price for one.

Denon makes some high quality products that are reasonably priced for those on a budget. Denon blu-ray receivers are 1080 compatible and have features like Audyssey MultEQ in-room multi-point analysis. That means it will automatically configure your speaker levels for you so you get the absolute best sound quality possible in your room. This receiver is also compatible with Sirius radio. Each of the speakers has 75 watts of output for smooth consistent sound quality.

Yamaha RX-V463BL 525 Watt 5.1 Channel Blu-ray receivers are reasonably priced. You can hook up multiple devices to these receivers. With Bluetooth connectivity, they have powerful 105W wattage output and are compatible with 1080. They are able to connect 7 or more devices through just the back ports alone.

Sony STR-DG520 5.1 blue-ray receivers will work with most HD devices too. The selling point for these receivers is that they are especially calibrated to work with PlayStation 3. There is a universal jack for other HD input devices like satellite radio and iPods. These receivers will also do a room calibration to put out the best sound quality for the room.

The best advice you can get before you go out and buy a new blu-ray receiver is to do some research online to find the best receiver for your budget and one that fits your home theater system the best. You can also go to a local retail store to sample the sound quality and picture quality before you make your purchase.

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