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Over the past few years, Blendtec has been consistently bringing out top graded kitchen appliances in the market. Their products consist of blenders, mixers, parts and mills. It is also bringing out such devices for regular home use that one cannot resist the temptation of having the same results in their kitchen as that of famous coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and bars!

One of their most coveted products, Blendtec Total blender is more than just a blender. It can only be described as an all-in-one device. Make freshly made juices from both fruits and vegetables. Ice creams are also on the list as well as smoothies and shakes, sauces and dressings, cappuccinos and frappes, margaritas and salsas and even bread dough! Make hot soups too using the simple energy transfer of the friction of the blades. Gone are those days when you needed at least nine other appliances to make all this, and now you are getting a package offer that too at an insignificant portion of the cost! The ease with which this machine can be used also contributes to the

The blades are fine tuned to an amazing precision and are four inches in size. There are two containers of two sizes 2 quart and 3 quart, and they are all BPA free for added precaution. The capacity to accommodate two jars, that too of two different sizes enables you to handle servings of larger sizes. The exceptional square shape of the jar is such that it results in the most fantabulous tastes and texture.

The Total Blender owes its attributes to the special technology used. Known as the Smart-Touch Technology, this ensures the perfect automation of the device. Upon the pressing of a button denoting cycle, the blender speeds up and slows down automatically and as required, and lastly shutting off when it is done, thereby resulting in perfect recipes. This technology knows how much to grind and how much to mash. Crush ice with the Total Blender without ending up with clumps of soggy snow! For the perfect crushed ice, the blender is equipped with the strength of 1560 Watts pure raw power.

The identity of the responsible buyer lies in being able to verify and compare the correct specifications. The Total Blender is a chart topper in this category as well. It has a direct drive motor which requires a current of 13 Amp. Touchpad controls add a sense of class like never before, and six pre-programmed blend cycles result in the perfect outcomes for recipes. With a weight of 13.00 lbs it corresponds with the dimensions of width of 7.50 inches, height of 15.50 inches and depth of 8.00 inches. The Total Blender can also be found in four fantastic colors of white, black, coffee and red. The warranty of three years duration is handy too, although it only applies for U.S.A and Canada! One can hardly hope to get a better deal at the startling price of $489.95 only.

This blender also works equally well in both wet and dry conditions, thereby making its blades both wet and dry blades.

This being so fast and efficient is especially suited for working men and women with very little time. Starting from detox health foods like salad chow and soups, to those foods that the stomach so loves, such as margarita and salsa, the Blendtec blenders and especially the Total blender, is accurately designed to blend to just the right consistency. One simply has to be careful of one thing, the blend cycle and the recipe being used. It can even grind wheat and that too one and a half pounds in only under a minute!

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