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The Blackberry phone is a brand of mobile smartphone that is popular with people who work in government and business. Executives, politicians, and other busy people who travel frequently need a mobile phone that allows them to read and send messages while they are out of the office. The Blackberry phone was designed especially for this all important task. It has a large keyboard and screen and support for push email, along with many other features. This makes it an essential tool in many corporate and government organizations.

The Blackberry phone is made by Research In Motion (RIM), a Canadian company that was founded in 1984. Along with the Apple iPod, it is one of the most famous gadgets to have appeared in the last decade and has become a status symbol and cultural icon in the business community. Any new phone that has similar features is often referred to as a Blackberry clone. Many famous politicians and business people have been seen using a Blackberry phone, including the current President of the United States.

RIM launched the first Blackberry phone in 2002. There have been many different models since then, including the Charm, Electron, Bold, Pearl, and Curve. For a while, they were the only phones of their type on the market, but they eventually faced competition from other brands of business smartphone. They now compete in a market flooded with many powerful smartphones, including the incredibly popular Apple iPhone. Consequently, the Blackberry phone is undergoing a change of sorts to remain competitive. One of the latest models features a large touchscreen instead of the distinctive keyboard used on early models.

The success of RIM and their Blackberry phone can be put down to their focus on messaging, which was largely ignored by other manufacturers as they tried to shrink the size of their phones. Sending text messages and emails using a regular mobile phone is difficult and time consuming. It can take several presses of a button on the numeric keypad just to enter a single character. This leads to frequent errors and deletions which increases the time it takes to send a message. The large keyboard and screen on a Blackberry phone makes it easy to read and send many text messages and emails in a short space of time.

The Blackberry phone has a distinctive appearance that is easy to spot. One exception to this is the Storm, which looks like a regular touchscreen smartphone. A typical Blackberry has a large, square shape with the screen taking up the top half and the keyboard taking up the bottom half. On many models, the keyboard is curved to make it easier to type using two hands. Call buttons and a trackball were added to later models and sit between the keyboard and screen. The camera lens is located on the back and there are several buttons and sockets around the edges.

The latest Blackberry phone models have a large color screen, camera with flash, GPS, polyphonic ringtones, speakerphone, and many other features. The internal memory can be increased by adding a microSDHC card, giving it up to 16GB of storage space. The Blackberry interface software is easy to use and has many applications, including a calendar, address book, and media players. There is also a push to talk feature that allows the phone to be used like a walkie talkie. It has a large capacity battery that provides many hours of standby and talk time.

The Blackberry phone is well regarded for its support of push email. When an email arrives at the users main account, it is automatically sent to the phone, just like an SMS message. This eliminates the need to constantly check an email account and means that important emails are not missed. For added security, each Blackberry has a unique PIN number that identifies it to the email server. The Blackberry enterprise software can be integrated into Microsoft Exchange, Novell Groupware, and many other email servers.

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