Bissell Steam Mop

A Bissell steam mop is a useful tool to use to steam clean your floors at home. You can use the Bissell steam mop to clean all kinds of bare floors. Because of their design you are able to fill the reservoir with water which will be used to create steam. After only 30 seconds it will create the hot steam which is funneled down to the mop head so that you can begin cleaning the floor. A detachable, durable, microfiber pad is used for the mop head. This pad is heated and made wet by the steam. The hot steam is efficient at removing and cleaning dirt from floors. These mops are made to clean with water only. No harsh chemicals are used which makes the steam mop environmentally friendly and safe to use. Because no chemicals are needed you can save a lot of money on cleaning supplies if you use a Bissell steam mop. It is a great option for people who are sensitive to cleaning chemicals. All you need to add is water. People with grout flooring do not have to worry that the chemicals in floor cleaners will dull, fade or discolor the grout. A Bissell steam mop will keep your floors looking bright and shiny for many years to come.

The Bissell steam mop is quick and easy to use. Not only does the hot steam clean your floors, but it also kills harmful germs that can carry viruses. The Bissell 1867-7 model has a 360 degree swivel head which is great for cleaning around things like the toilet and under cabinets. It also features a quick release cord. It only weighs about 7 lbs and is very light to carry, even when filled with water. The mop pad is large and can clean a large surface area easily. This is what makes this steam mop so popular, because it will clean a larger area with one sweep of the mop. Homemakers appreciate being able to get their floors clean in as little time as possible. The pads are reusable and you can take them off and wash them in the washing machine. It comes with a one year limited warranty.

The Bissell mop cleans all kinds of hard floors such a vinyl, ceramic tile and hardwood or laminate flooring. It will remove tough sticky messes with a quick burst of steam. Most homemakers love the fact that the floors dry almost instantly and steam leaves no streaking. When using for floors with tile grouting there is no worry that excess pooling of water will be left to harm the grout. Since it has a trigger option you will be able to only use just enough steam to get hardwood and laminate floors clean without any excesses moisture as well. Excess moisture can damage fine hardwood floors.

The Bissell steam mop is energy star rated and qualifies as a green product. It produces no harmful green house emissions and is absolutely safe for the environment. It is the only steam mop on the market with a water purification system to remove ions and minerals from tap water too. You can find this steam floor mop at most retail outlets everywhere. It is sold on various online websites as well. For the best pricing be sure you do some comparison shopping. Sometimes local stores also have great discounts on it in their ad promotions or flyers that you get in the mail. This steam mop makes a great gift for a friend’s birthday or wedding or for a student going off to college. It is also a good gift for mother’s day. Any mom will appreciate a Bissell steam mop if you buy it for a mother’s day gift or for her birthday.

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