Biogas Generator

Most people have never heard of a biogas generator. Up until recently it has been talked about very little. Now, with the rising cost of fossil fuels, biogas generation is becoming a major topic of conversation in certain circles. A biogas generator is one that is fueled by a mixture of animal and plant waste products. These generators are fairly new and becoming more popular because of the high costs of fuel. New technology has made it possible to harness the natural gasses being emitted during the process of decay. When plant and animal waste products are broken down it produces methane gas and carbon dioxide. A biogas generator can harness these gasses and recycle them into biogas.

The methane gas produced by animal manure and decayed materials that are placed in the biogas generator is harnessed and then released through a pipe and used for fuel for indoor appliances. When the methane gas is burned it converts into carbon dioxide which is then absorbed by plants. Animals then eat the plants and eventually eliminate the waste products, continuing the cycle. This whole recycling process makes biogas a renewable energy source.

The ancients first discovered biogas when they noticed how rotting vegetables and waste products would emit a flammable gas. Bio gas was used in some cultures before electricity was discovered. For instance, people in London used the biogas from their sewer pipes to burn street lamps. It has been used for cooking fuel in some cultures before as well.

A biogas generator for personal home use can cost you thousands of dollars to buy. However, you can build your own biogas generator if you want for as little as $200. People have been known to save up to 50% on their gas bill when they use a biogas generator. You will need an airtight containment area for the animal and plant waste. You then need a tube or pipe for the methane gas to flow into the generator. If you build it right, the biogas will be cleaner to use than commercial gas. You can find complete do it yourself instructions on how to build your own biogas generator on the internet and there are biogas generator kits that you can buy. There are also how to guides online as well. Some are hard to understand and you may have to search for one that easy to follow. A biogas generator will burn the gas to generate supplemental electricity for your home. As an alternative fuel source, biogas is much cheaper and easier to get than other biofuels. Biogas does not produce unpleasant odors if the generator is built properly and can generate electricity for you 24 hours a day. Also, there is less risk of explosions with biogas when compared with pure methane gas or propane gas.

Large biogas generators are being used in developing countries as an alternative fuel source. Several major cities have begun using biogas generators to recycle waste and produce energy at the same time. These huge generators are producing large amounts of power with waste products that would otherwise be filling up the landfills. Individual homes are beginning to use bio generators now too and can help reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Eliminating waste helps the environment as well.

A bio generator also helps reduce energy costs. The price for fueling a bio generator is extremely low. Trash is readily available and there is no need to spend money on mining or drilling for oil. One of the best places for a bio generator is on farms since reliance on animal waste is necessary. The animal waste can be dumped into the generator instead of being hauled off to landfills. Large scale urban bio generators can increase energy efficiency in cities and towns.

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