Bicycle Powered Generator

The wheel came to change our lives by allowing us to transport heavier cargo for a longer distance; it was the mother of all inventions that would introduce several other advancements which helped the human race grow and expand. It was thanks to the wheel that great technological wonders were built around the world. Even nowadays, the wheel keeps allowing for interesting innovations such as the bicycle powered generator.  In case you don’t know, this is a simple device which can be attached to any bicycle as a means to generate electric energy while your pedal.

The bicycle powered generator is quite a useful gadget that will allow you to generate electrical power on demand by pedaling on your bike. It relies on a small but powerful dynamo to generate electric current from the turning motion of the bicycle wheels. Besides being ecological and inexpensive, this is a great way to power your electronic devices (such as cell phones, laptops, even car batteries), while out on the road. If you’re looking for a good bicycle powered generator, you’ve found the right website. You will find the best models and best deals right here, without having to waste time with research.

The benefits of owning a bicycle

The bicycle was invented a long time ago and it has consistently evolved all this time; today is largely used by people of all backgrounds and its getting most popular in big cities because of its green qualities. The bicycle is an ecological mean of transportation because it doesn’t produce any pollution or leave carbon footprint whatsoever. Since it’s all about pedaling, the bicycle costs nothing to run with the exception of occasional maintenance. If you get a bicycle powered generator, you will be able to push the benefits of having a bicycle even further, since you’ll get a chance to start using it as a way to generate some usable electric energy.

Several of the largest cities in the world are favoring the bicycle as the main mean of transportation by opening bicycle lanes and parks all around; as such, progressively more people own a bicycle these days, but not everyone uses their bicycle to its full potential. One of the best modern examples of what can be achieved with a bicycle is generating small amounts of electric current. This is something that can be achieved quite easily if you get a bicycle powered generator. Why not start generating electricity as you pedal? This should be remarkably useful anywhere, but most notably when you’re away from civilization.

The importance of favoring green energy
In a world were the main energy sources are depleting people look for different answers and one of them is renewable energy and green energy sources. Fossil fuels are quickly depleting, not to mention these fuels actually cause terrible amounts of pollution, which is a very serious problem because of the greenhouse effect that is harming our environment. Fortunately, new inventions surface regularly that encourage people to favor green energies; the bicycle powered generator is a good example of such an invention. It is inexpensive, practical, and can be used by anyone who has a bicycle.

Using a bicycle powered generator is a way to get the best of different worlds: you will get some green energy available and do some exercise, all at once! Besides being good for the health, it will actually allow saving some money in energy expenses, which keep getting heavier each year.  Since it’s now possible to produce a reasonable amount of energy by taking advantage of your natural pedaling motion, it would be a shame not using the full energy potential you can access by using a bicycle. With a bicycle powered generator, you’ll get extra electricity while getting some exercise… and most importantly, you’ll be getting green energy that doesn’t hurt the environment in any way.

The unique advantages of using a bicycle powered generator
A bicycle powered generator is something that is indeed very useful for people who are concerned with the environment, as well as anyone who enjoys the thought of saving some money in the electric bill while exercising. This kind of portable generator is completely eco-friendly and readily available, just as long as you have someone to make it move (normally your legs, through basic pedaling motion). Bicycle powered generators are not too big or heavy, so you can easily take your generator along with you wherever you go and just attach it to your bike when needed. You can create spare energy from the comfort your home or while camping.

These kinds of generators allow gathering enough energy to watch TV for a few hours for example, after pedaling for less than one hour. Most small electrical devices that you have at home like laptop for example can be connected to this type of energy. You can use the energy directly from a bike or you can charge a battery to use it later on, which makes it even more convenient. These generators represent a small revolution in terms of portable means of energy production because they can produce enough energy to run domestic appliances, that’s great if you travel to faraway places where you don’t have access to electricity.

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