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If you’ve been working with multiple computers and other devices for some time, then you’ve probably tried your hand at getting them to work together – in other words, networking. If not within the house, almost everyone gets their PC connected to the internet at least. If you have attempted anything like this, you’ve probably come across Belkin products. Belkin International Inc. has been developing products and means to network and connect computers and other devices for years. Belkin creates products in a wide range – from networking, power supply, gaming, multimedia and datacenters. However, Belkin’s specialty remains its networking products and specifically – its routers.

Belkin manufactures both wired and wireless routers although it has more varieties in wireless routers since people seem to prefer those. A wireless router can connect multiple devices in your house together via Wi-Fi and eventually connect them to the internet via your cable or DSL modem. Belkin creates 4 different types of Wi-Fi technologies for their routers. The technology depends on how many devices the router will need to connect and how it can do so without compromising on speed. Thus, all technologies concentrate on coverage and speed. The four technologies are: G, G+, N and N1.

G works best within 400 feet. So let’s say your Belkin router is placed in your living room on the ground floor, it will easily connect devices in the living room and other nearby rooms on the ground floor. The G+ MIMO technology can work within 1000 feet. This means it can cover the ground floor and the first floor as well. So you have connectivity throughout the house. If you desire more, then the N technology gives you coverage within the house and a little outside – so you can sit in the yard and surf. It offers good speed within 1200 feet. The N1 offers coverage of 1400 feet so you could be sitting further away from the house and still get good download speeds.

There are routers using each of these technologies and multiple choices in each. The Wireless G router provides speeds of up to 54 Mbps at $39.99. Most devices that provide Wi-Fi connectivity use the standard 802.11b technology but the Wireless G router uses the 802.11g technology which is five times faster. Plus it is backward compatible so your other devices that use 802.11b will work just fine.

Belkin routers in the wireless G+ technology are of two types – the standard and the MIMO. The standard G+ router comes with a single antenna and the MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) has two. This increases speed, coverage and reliability. The prices of both are the same. G+ technology is faster than the 802.11g standard mentioned previously and the technology works with all types of wireless devices. It works faster with devices that also use 802.11g standard. With this Belkin router you can connect up to 32 computers wirelessly for sharing data and internet access. If you want to add more computers, you can do so with their wireless adapter and cards.

The N Belkin router comes for $79.99 and is the only one in this range with other compatible devices for notebooks, desktops and phones. This Belkin router uses the 802.11n technology that makes it much faster than the other routers. Also, it comes with two antennae that operate with Intelligent MIMO giving you better coverage and speed. The N1 range so far has the most advanced of the lot. It has two routers – the N1 wireless and the N1 Vision. Both come with three antennae that provide you with maximum coverage. The N1 vision, however, comes with an interactive network display that lets you see your broadband speed, computer bandwidth usage and status of connected devices.

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