Belkin Wireless Adapter

Do you have networked computers in your home and have had trouble with your wireless adapter in the past? Is it connecting too slowly to the internet for you? Maybe you should replace your wireless adapter with a new one so you can get a faster connection. Have you tried a Belkin wireless adapter yet? If being able to quickly connect to the internet is important to you, a Belkin wireless adapter will not disappoint you.

Wireless adapters enable your desktop or laptop computer or even your game console to access wireless networks. A Belkin N + USB adapter will give you the fastest internet connection possible. It connects to your USB port on your desktop or notebook or game console. Downloading large files and streaming HD video or using VoIP technology will be a breeze for you when you use this Belkin wireless adapter. It works exceptionally well when you pair it with an N or N+ router. Multiple receivers and transmitters can receive and send data at the same time. It uses MIMO technology that renders it reliable and amazingly fast at data transfer.

The improvement in speed and connection ability is outstanding when you add a Belkin wireless adapter to your system. Some people have even been able to maintain a full network signal at distances of up to 380 feet away from the router. The Belkin wireless adapter is easy to install and if you have never gone wireless, it can mean the end of running wires all around your house. It is even going to work if you are upstairs and your router is downstairs. The Belkin N+ USB adapter is pretty expensive but it sure is worth the price, considering the reliability and performance you will get from it.

The Belkin Wireless G Travel Router works as an access point and an adapter as well. It’s great to use to connect your notebook wirelessly by an Ethernet connection. The Belkin Wireless G Travel Router will also allow you to share your internet connection with others. You do not have too many security concerns with this device because it supports WPA and WEP encryption.

If you are into gaming, a good Belkin wireless adapter called the Belkin G Gaming Adapter will give you wireless capability on your Xbox®, PlayStation®, or GameCubeâ ¢. This adapter will allow you to participate in online gaming, transfer music, share videos and many more online activities between your computer and game console. You’ll be able to put your Ethernet supported devices anywhere in your house or office. Broadband internet connections will be at lightning fast speeds. This Belkin wireless adapter uses the wireless 802.11g 2.4GHz standard so you will be getting the widest working range with it. It uses Plug-and Play-technology so it’s a snap to set up. This will give you the freedom from cables you crave plus all of the advantages that you would be getting if you were using a wired network.

As if all of the above is not enough, Belkin offers a wireless adapter that brings new uses for your iPod. Their Bluetooth Dock Adapter for iPod (FXZ932) will turn your iPod into a wireless remote. You’ll be able to make recordings and then copy them onto your computer so that you can edit them and send them to your friends and family by email. However, this adapter will not work with iPod mini, video or nano. This Belkin wireless adapter will also allow you to navigate through your play list from 30 feet away or more. It will also make your iPod compatible with all of your other Bluetooth devices.

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