Beer Dispenser

While a beer dispenser is not a product that everyone needs, it can be a convenient addition to your home. As well, it can be a very beneficial device if you are running an establishment that serves beer. A beer dispenser simply works to dispense beer in a more convenient fashion. The basic way of dispensing beer is more time consuming and less appealing in comparison to using a beer dispenser.

When hunting for a good deal on a beer dispenser you will have to consider quite a few characteristics of the product before making your decision. There is a major difference between the quality, features, and appeal of the lower priced models in comparison to the more expensive ones. Keep this in mind and make a decision based on both your budget and what you would like to be attributed to the product.

What Type of Beer Dispenser to Buy
While there are not many differences between styles of beer dispensers, you will want to look at what makes them different. You also want to look at other convenient models such as beer dispensers that are combined with beer coolers. As far as what type of beer dispenser to buy goes, simply make that decision on what features are necessary and your budget. If you just want a basic beer dispenser then there is no problem going with a less expensive model.

Low-Priced Beer Dispensers
Lets look at one example of an affordable beer dispenser, the CONTR-KC24 (manufactured by Continental) beer dispenser. This product will sell for around $150-180 and is a decent investment for such a small amount. This particular model is designed to be cleaned easily and certain parts are removable for convenience during cleaning. Some features included are: built-in lights inside the dispenser, spacious section for beer, and a stainless steel faucet (operated with a lever).

Mid-Priced Beer Dispensers
The price jump from low-priced to mid-priced is major so if you have a small budget you may not be able to afford a mid-priced or high-priced beer dispenser. Lets look at the SUM-SBC-500SS (manufactured by Summit) in particular as an example of a middle priced beer dispenser. These will sell for around $700-750 but include extra features as well. The main advantage to models around this price is the amount of beer that can be used in the dispenser, in some cases up to half a keg. The product is also designed with a stainless steel door, has a more intriguing design, and is overall a more high quality product in comparison to cheaper models.

High-Priced Beer Dispensers
In some situations it may be beneficial to invest in an extremely heavy duty beer dispenser. These are top of the line and have the highest price tags in comparison to the alternatives. One example of a high-priced beer dispenser would be the True Combo beer dispenser. You can expect to pay around $2,200-2,400 for this product.

This model includes a wide variety of features but the most noteworthy would be that it is a combination of a high quality beer dispenser and a cooler. You are able to keep beverages stored inside the cooler section which includes three shelves. This product has multiple doors and would be best for use in a bar as they are only beneficial when serving various beverages in a short period of time.

As you can see there is a major difference in characteristics as you start looking at higher priced models. If you are looking for a beer dispenser for personal use at home then you could deal with a low-priced model. If you have the money to invest in a mid-priced beer dispenser then you will get a great deal and it is a versatile enough product to work in both home use and in an establishment. However, for more sophisticated bars it may be best to look for a high-priced beer dispenser despite the expensive price tag. Also, when looking for a high quality beer dispenser pay close attention to the manufacturer name. The three examples in this article (Continental, Summit, and True) are all great choices.

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