Battery Operated Space Heater

Using a portable car battery operated space heater is an economical way to warm if you are on an outdoors camping trip or need to heat a van, tent or camper. A 12volt battery operated space heater is generally found in variable price ranges. The first thing to consider when buying a battery operated space heater is the sizes of the area you will be heating the length of time you will be using it. There are a number of car battery operated space heaters that are typically designed for use on outdoor camping excursions or other types of out door recreational areas that needs a little additional heat on a cool evening or morning. The heat that a car battery operated space heater generates will depend on the model that you buy. Some put out more heat than others.

Families that like to travel together and get away for the weekend on camping trips will find a car battery operated space heater essential for the heat that they need to stay warm. A car battery operated space heater is a technological advancement that is helping to change the meaning of roughing it. If you have access to portable heater it makes it possible to enjoy the great outdoors longer without being stopped by the cold.
A 12 volt battery operated space heater can be used in all kinds of cold weather to increase your comfort level while you’re on the go. These battery operated space heaters are great to use on your boat outings as well.

When using a car battery operated space heater it is very important to pay attention to the operating instructions. You will need to keep the heater away from any tent material or clothing so that there is no danger of starting a fire. Having a car battery operated space heater can bring you an extended time for out door enjoyment. If you have a car battery operated space heater you it will run off of your car battery. Some models are made so that you can plug them into the cigarette lighter in your car, truck, van or motor home. Some people even have them for every day use to pre heat their vehicle during winter months.

The Power Hunt 540 Watt 1900 BTU 12 Volt battery space heater is one model that can blow out hot air up to 167°F. It is powered by a standard 12 volt car battery. There is no need for an inverter or generator. This battery operated space heater has an automatic shut off for safety concerns. There is never a need to fear overheating the battery. Car battery space heaters can also be used to defrost the windshield in your car, truck or boat. This particular model allows you to adjust the thermostat to your desired comfort level.

The 2-Volt Direct Hook-Up 300 Watt Ceramic Heater with fan is another car battery operated space heater that hooks up directly to your car battery. It produces 300 watts of power with an 15 amp rating. The installation hardware is included as well as a 15 foot power cord.

If you are looking for a more powerful heater the Back Seat Plus may be just what you need. This is a direct hook-up 12 or 24 volt 300 watt car, RV, Boat, Van or Trailer battery operated space heater. It is very powerful and provides instant heat. This model is capable of providing over 1100 BTUs of heat from a 12 volt batter. A 24 volt batter will provide 2100 BTUs. You can find these and other battery operated space heaters for your vehicle or boat online and in camping stores everywhere.

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