Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities will typically offer numerous benefits for your bathroom and these may include convenience, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. A bathroom vanity is most often used as a centerpiece for your bathroom and, therefore, it is extremely important that you choose the right one. A vanity will usually need ample space in the bathroom and can also be used for storage. This will, obviously, mean that there will be far less clutter in your bathroom and especially on the countertops. If you choose to utilize your vanity space effectively, you should find that this will immediately make your bathroom appear more attractive and spacious.

A great way to ensure that you have ample space in the bathroom is to have a dual sink vanity option installed. A dual sink bathroom vanity is known to provide the most space in an allotted area. It will also make a finding the items that you need in your bathroom far easier and a lot quicker. This, in turn, may even dramatically reduce the total amount of time that you spend in the bathroom. You will find that there are a whole host of vanity styles available in the marketplace. You have a wide choice of frosted glass, wood, stainless steel, stone and pedestal vanities to choose from. You will typically find that bathroom vanities will have many different characteristics and features and you are, therefore, bound to find one that is suited to your specific bathroom.

Bathroom vanities that are made from wood offer a lot of choice. The different types of wood include cheery, plywood and oak and they will usually come with a veneer surface. The different types of wood will produce completely different effects within your bathroom and you will actually find that there are many more wood options available, compared to other materials, due to their overwhelming popularity. Stone bathroom vanity tops are typically made from either granite or marble. They are known to be extremely durable, although you will need to be very careful not to damage the surface. The main appeal of a stone vanity is that it can be considered one of a kind. They are not usually mass produced and are generally made from natural stone which will give them a very individual appearance. Stone vanity tops can also be customized or molded into specific shapes and specifications to fit perfectly into your bathroom.

The most modern type of vanity top is the frosted glass variety. They will typically be directly mounted onto the bathroom wall and will almost appear as though they are floating in mid-air. Frosted glass vanities will provide your bathroom with a unique and modern look. They are known to be extremely elegant and sophisticated, hence why they are so popular. Stainless steel was once considered a mainstay of the kitchen, although stainless steel bathroom vanities are now proving to be immensely popular. They are known to be long-lasting and durable and will give your bathroom a clean and neat appearance. This is particularly appealing to those of you who like the look of shiny metal. Pedestal vanities are likely to give your bathroom far more classical appeal. Pedestal vanities look exceptionally elegant and they almost provide a regal appearance to your bathroom. They are proving to be very desirable and can be considered fairly classy.

The most important aspect of choosing a bathroom vanity will be to ensure that it matches the ambience of your bathroom. In fact prior to purchasing a vanity you should consider the whole bathroom area and the specific design. There is nothing worse than having an elegant and sleek bathroom vanity that simply looks out of place. Certain considerations that you may have can include getting a corner bend vanity if your restroom is particularly small. This will help to utilise all the accessible space that you have available in your restroom or bathroom. Rather than choosing a large bathroom vanity you may choose a bathroom vanity that is able to encompass both a pedestal and filing cabinet foundation. This will, once again, ensure that there is adequate room left in your bathroom while providing you with an additional storage capacity.

Bathroom vanities are known to be convenient and will definitely add more overall space to your bathroom. By adding a tasteful design of vanity you can also make your bathroom look far more tasteful and even luxurious. The price of a bathroom vanity will very much depend on the make and model that you wish to purchase and the most basic models will typically retail at under $100. With that said, with so much choice available you will actually find that many of the top of the range bathroom vanities will cost well in excess of $1000. You will find a wide range of bathroom vanities available at relevant bathroom shops and stores and an even wider range online.

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