Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom faucets will typically come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and even colors. The specific variety of bathroom faucet you will want to purchase will very much depend on the style of your home, or the style that you wish to create. Bathroom faucets are generally single handled or they will come with two handles. You will also find that certain faucets are mounted onto the sink, whereas others are mounted on the wall. There are even bathroom faucets that will typically be mounted directly above the waterspout. The cost will vary anywhere from $30 up to $200, and the price will generally depend on the type of metal and specific finish that you would like.

Luther Haws, a plumber, invented the first drinking faucets well over a century ago. The reason that Haws wanted to discover a system that produced sanitary drinking water is because his father, unfortunately, died after drinking water that was contaminated. The next invention was the single lever faucet which was introduced by Alex Manoogian. There were initially two different styles of single lever faucets that included a full ball valve faucet which had a handle positioned to the side. The other style was the compression faucet which had the handle situated directly on top of the faucet. You will actually find that many companies who deal in bathroom fixtures and fittings have recreated these historical faucets in an attempt to add some charm to many of the contemporary bathrooms.

Bathroom faucets are specifically designed to provide a fresh source of water and will typically come in four groups. However, the type of group is conditional on the working mechanisms of a faucet. Let’s take the compression faucet as an example – a compression faucet you will usually have completely separate hot and cold water delivery systems and will use a system of washers and seals that will stop the flow of water whenever the valve is closed. The main problem with this type of faucet is that the washers and seals are prone to wear and tear, and this may eventually lead to your faucet leaking. Another type of bathroom faucet is the cartridge, ball and disk faucet. These will not use washers or standard seals and will typically have mixed hot and cold water valves. In order to prevent any form of leakage O-rings and neoprene seals are used. Possibly the best type of bathroom faucet will be the solid brass versions or the ones that specifically have corrosion resistant mechanisms.

When you are looking to purchase bathroom faucets it is important to take size into consideration, in addition to the style and theme. You will also want to make sure that the specific type of bathroom faucet you choose will not look out of place in your bathroom. The main styles of bathroom faucets include antique, brass, bronze, ceramic, chrome, enamel coated, gold, nickel, pewter and platinum. The most elegant types of handle will be cross handles, whereas level handles are known to give the best grip. Should you choose to purchase a motion activated faucet you will find that they do not have handles at all.

Bathroom faucets will have a variety of holes and drillings that are able to fit the vast majority of sink basins. Should you have a three-hole pre-drilled basin you may be better off with a widespread faucet. This specific system will have a handle on each side and a separate spout that is generally located in the center. A mini widespread version is the center set faucets, although these systems will usually come with a handle set on a base unit. Therefore, this type of unit can be plumbed directly into the sink basin. If you are looking for an all in one system then you should consider a single-hole faucet. This will encompass one handle and a spout that can be directly plumbed into a single basin hole. Should you wish to purchase a wall mounted faucet you will find that it has an extra long spout that will generally extend down into a completely separate sink basin. This style of bathroom faucet will require a separate drain and valve.

You should always consider the specific finish and valve construction of your bathroom faucet as well. As mentioned, compression valves will contain washers that may cause problems over time through wear and tear. However, these washers are extremely cheap and very easy to replace. Ball valves are known for their reliability and will typically last a long longer. A cartridge valve is also known to be extremely durable and efficient. When considering the type of finish you would like a bathroom faucet to have, you should be aware that brass is prone to scratching, becoming tarnished or even corroding. Enamel coated faucets are known to fade over time and may chip, and chrome will show water spots. Should you wish to purchase gold, nickel, PVC or stainless steel bathroom faucet then you should be aware that these varieties are far more expensive.

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