Bagel Slicer

There are many people who wonder why do we need a bagel slicer for when we have knives that can cut bagels. Have you ever cut a bagel in half perfectly? It is very rare that you have, they come out lopsided and there is more bagel on one half than the others. When you go to deli or a bagel store, do you ever get a lopsided bagel? No, and the reason for that is a bagel slicer. Bagel slicers are simply to use and very inexpensive to buy.

There are many different styles of the bagel slicer. The Franklin machine bagel slicer is a horizontal slicer. You place the bagel in one end and push it through a slicer in the middle of the device. A plate protects the slicer so you cannot get hurt while using the slicer. When the bagel comes out at the end, you have a perfectly sliced bagel.

Another company that makes the bagel slicer is the Larien Products. Their bagel slicers are vertical which is the most common style of the slicer. You simply place the bagel in the slicer and press down on a lever. The sides open and you have an evenly put bagel. Another version of the bagel maker is a wooden style cutting board with slicers in the middle. You place the bagel between the two pieces of wood and press.

Why would you care if the bagels are sized right? Some people don’t care but when you are making a sandwich in a bagel you want to have an evenly proportioned sandwich. Another reason would be if you have kids you complain that her half id bigger than my half, it will save you a lot of aggravation in the long run. These bagel slicers come ion real handy when you want to make hors devours for a birthday party. If you want to make pizza bagels, all you have to do is buy the mini bagels and you can make perfectly sized mini pizza bagels.

Bagel stores and deli’s use bagel slicers to not only make the perfect bagel for the customer, but if you love toasted bagels, then the slicer is a must have. If you cut a bagel and one side is even slightly bigger than the other then you won’t be able to fit the bagel in the toaster. That is why your deli bagels come out so good. You can save yourself some money and make the perfect bagel at home every morning.

Uneven bagels can affect the way you make a sandwich. Whether the sandwich is an egg sandwich or a cold cut sandwich the perfectly slicer bagel can really make a difference in the way you enjoy the sandwich. For example, if you order an egg sandwich from the deli and the bagel is uneven, the eggs will slide off the bagel, making the sandwich very messy to eat. But an egg sandwich on an evenly cut bagel will make it more enjoyable.

Bagel slicers are very common and can be found in all retail stores like Target or Kmart. You be able to find one in your local supermarket. They are very reasonably priced; they start as little as $ 15 and can go up to $ 40. They are worth every penny, if you aren’t sure if it really makes a difference. Buy a cheap bagel slicer and cut a bagel with that and then cut one with a regular kitchen knife. Make a basic sandwich and offer each to a friend, see which sandwich they choose. Everyone will choose food if it more visually appealing and that is what a bagel slicer does.

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