Backpack Vacuums

A backpack vacuum cleaner is an otherwise normal hose vacuum that can be strapped to a person’s back. In regular hose vacuum cleaners, the tank and engine of the vacuum has wheels, and can be carte around to follow its user. In backpack vacuum cleaners, those parts of the vacuum can be placed on a person in the same way as a normal backpack. This is designed for people who have to vacuum over a long distance, especially over uneven terrain, so that they can operate the vacuum cleaner with maximum efficiency. They are great for people who have to clean an entire multi-floor house or those who have to clean outside.

The main advantage of a backpack vacuum cleaner is in its maneuverability and its ability to get to places that are hard to reach. Regular upright vacuum cleaners, it is hard to reach edges and corners. Although most of these come with some sort of attachable hose, this is more inconvenient than having a hose vacuum cleaner at the ready. With hose vacuum cleaners (a.k.a. canister vacuums), the canister has to be dragged around everywhere. This usually isn’t a problem, but in areas like steps, the canister can be a significant handicap. Even when going around rooms with a lot of furniture, canister vacuums can cause quite a headache. The same is also true of upright vacuums.

Backpack vacuums can avoid all of that hazard. Vacuum cleaners can be fairly heavy, but most backpack vacuum cleaners are built to be relatively lightweight, which minimizes the weight on a person’s back. They usually don’t weigh more than about 10 lbs, so most people will be able to carry them around with no problem. However, people who are elderly, pregnant or who have any type of bone disorder or back injury shouldn’t use them, just to be safe. And if they ever stress a person’s back muscles, they should be taken off immediately, as injuries the lower back can linger and affect many other muscles in the body.

When shopping for a backpack vacuum cleaner, its important to know exactly what you need. If you’re just looking for a lightweight vacuum cleaner to get those tough edges around the house, you can likely get away with buying the cheapest backpack vacuum available. The cheapest you can find one for is usually about $150 USD or so, and this will buy a light vacuum with little power, and probably a fairly short cord. These are fine for the jobs just mentioned, especially on hard floors, but on more extensive jobs, they will likely frustrate more than help.

On the other end of the spectrum are backpack vacuums that are designed to clean the entire household. These are usually at least a little heavier, and probably have a bigger tank, so it’s important to be sure you’re comfortable with its weight before you actually buy one. They’re likely have a hose with a wider head, and have more vacuum power, so that they can comfortably vacuum a large house. They’ll also likely have longer power cords than most vacuums, to help with the innate maneuverability advantage this type of vacuum cleaner has. These backpack vacuums can cost anywhere between $200 and $400.

Backpack vacuum cleaners usually cost a little more than normal vacuum cleaners of a similar quality. This price difference isn’t usually more than about $10-$20, but it does exist. The reason for thisis that backpack vacuums are built specifically to be lightweight, and to be moved vertically while being powered on. This cost a little more to develop, but it isn’t enough to justify no buying one.

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