Backlit Keyboard

Gaming and multimedia keyboards alike are regularly designed with various lighting features. These lights (commonly LED lights) were mostly an addition as a way to add “bells and whistles” to make the product more attractive. The lights are not just a common feature on gaming keyboards though as they are commonly fund on multimedia keyboards as well.

There are different types of lighting features available. You can get a keyboard with simple lights added to the design. Alternatively, there is the backlit keyboard design which provides backlighting for the keys. This is done by illuminating the area around each key. Besides the coolness factor of the keyboard being lit up it also adds to the ability to find specific keys. This can also come in very handy when using your keyboard at night or in the dark.

Advantages of a Backlit Keyboard
The most obvious advantage of owning a backlit keyboard is the fact that you can easily access keys on the keyboard. If some keys are not often used they may be hard to find by instinct. Those that find typing without looking at the keys difficult can benefit from this even more. There is not always proper lighting in your computer room. By having backlighting for the keyboard you can always find your way around to specific keys.

Another great advantage to backlit keyboards is how the lighting works. Instead of just lighting up the keyboard it will actually light up the specific key symbols as well. This will allow you to see what keys are in what position and not just where there are keys located. The color of the backlighting will vary by keyboard but red and blue are fairly common. Both colors illuminate well while in a dark room. You should be able to find a backlit keyboard with software that allows you to customize the coloring as well.

Do not forget that most backlit keyboards are gaming keyboards so you have an abundance of extra features on the layout. There will be many keys designed for in-game use and a lot of these keys are programmable as well. The lighting will still work for these special keys. This will also make using a gaming keyboard a lot easier. When you purchase a new keyboard for gaming purposes there are many keys to get used to. It is rather difficult to remember all of these keys but with backlighting it can help you adapt easier and improve your accuracy when using the keyboard.

Disadvantages of a Backlit Keyboard
The main issue with most backlit keyboards is that they are just marketing ploys. If you want a keyboard with special lighting features you should not purchase one mainly marketed as a backlit keyboard. Instead, look for a gaming or multimedia keyboard that includes backlighting as just one of the many convenient features. Besides this, there are not really any disadvantages to a backlit keyboard but there may be issues with specific models.

Anyone that is computer savvy can benefit from owning a gaming or multimedia keyboard. Buying a keyboard with extra features such as backlighting can just add to the convenience of using the keyboard. Even if you are in tune with where all the keys are located on the keyboard layout it can still be a cool feature to have. If you do not want to have the keyboard lights on at all times then you also have the option of turning them off. Some backlit keyboards even allow you to dim the lights or set up multiple colors at once.

You should be able to find a good backlit keyboard if you know what to look for. There are many different websites with reviews on specific computer keyboard brands and models. If you look at these you can get a good idea on the type of deal you are getting. Do this before purchasing a keyboard with backlighting features so you know you are not just buying a cheap keyboard with fancy features. Lastly, do not purchase a keyboard solely for the backlights but just make it a heavily weighed feature when making your decision.

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