Baby Video Monitor

From the very first day out of the hospital, chances are you are worrying about your newborn babies safety. This is especially true if it is your first child. To minimize the stress of making sure your baby is always safe, you may want to invest in a safety device such as a baby video monitor. A baby monitor should already be a standard device in your home if you have a baby, but a baby video monitor is an even more optimal option.

Baby video monitors are not just designed for you to be able to keep a close eye on your baby though. These devices can easily be used to monitor a toddler, special needs child, or an elderly that is in your care.

Benefits of a Baby Video Monitor

There are many benefits to using a baby video monitor no matter what your situation is. The obvious advantage to one of these devices would be that you can regularly check up on your baby (or toddler, elderly, etc) without actually having to walk into the room. However, there are still many other benefits to owning one of these devices.

Usually there are a variety of helpful features added to the monitor to make them even more convenient for you. There are many that are designed to make noise while the baby is sleeping. The monitor on the device delivers a live streaming video which is similar to webcam quality. Obviously the more you spend, the higher quality you will get. The cheapest models will likely have a lower than webcam quality streaming. Summer Infant, Graco’s iMonitor, and Mobicam are all popular recommendations for baby video monitors.

How Much Does a Baby Video Monitor Cost?
The price you will have to pay for a baby video monitor will vary depending on what exactly you want. Generally these monitors are designed mostly with the same important features, but the overall quality is what matters. If you go for a more expensive brand and get one of the best models available then you could easily be spending hundreds of dollars or more. A reliable baby video monitor that should not have any issues will still run you over a hundred dollars.

Video Quality
As already mentioned, the quality is generally not too good. Webcam quality is expected with most baby video monitors and if you do not get this quality it is likely worse. You should also expect other issues with the quality of the streaming such as a slow frame rate, discoloration, and more. You can choose between a black and white or color video monitor, but usually it does not matter which you choose.

Overall, the video quality does not play a major role when monitoring your baby. Usually the main thing you look for on the video monitor is whether your baby’s eyes are open or closed and the video quality rarely interferes with doing so.

Buying a Baby Video Monitor
Personal preference should play the largest role in what model of baby video monitor you purchase. Just look for a design that appeals to you and purchase that particular device as long as the brand is reputable. If you are shopping with a large budget for a baby video monitor then you may want to research your options first. Find out which particular model of baby video monitor has the most positive feedback from other users. Use the information in reviews (easy to find online) to make an informed decision on what model to buy.

There are still a number of factors to look at if you want to take your time finding the best model for you. Obviously you will want to look at the extra features that you are being offered. The screen size would be one factor that should play a role in your decision. Usually most baby video monitors have a screen that is larger than two inches, and you can likely find one much larger as well.

A portable device would obviously be preferred and you should consider how long the batteries will last as well. There are downfalls to a portable device as well though as they are generally less reliable in comparison to a wired device. You may also want to choose a baby video monitor that can be hooked up to your television for even more convenient monitoring. This should be enough to take into consideration to be able to make a smart purchase when you buy a baby video monitor.

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