Automatic Tea Brewer

While the tea bag has its own appeal to people worldwide, it’s also a time consuming and imprecise method of making tea. For people who are serious about their tea, however, an automatic tea brewer is a great way to improve the taste, quality and brewing speed of your tea. Automatic brewing has been an industry dominated by coffee instead of tea, but tea can also be brewed in almost the sam way, andi has similar advantages. While it remains a small market, the automatic tea brewer is a great device for almost any tea brewer, and it’s a machine that will make even the most devoted tea brewer think twice about manually making tea again.

Automatic tea brewers are great for people who need to make tea in a rush. As you might suspect, they brew tea faster that we can manually, as the boiling, brewing and pouring is all done in one step. Of course, tea is a relatively fast beverage to make, so the benefits here can be somewhat negligible, depending on how much you plan on making.

The main benefit isn’t so much speed as taste. A good tea brewer doesn’t just pour hot water over tea randomly, it does so at a controlled rate that’s engineered to create the best taste possible. For people who really love tea, brewing it manually requires a large amount of time, focus and attention to get the taste exactly right. A good automatic tea brewer is engineered to perform the same task without the need to constantly check, measure or care for the ingredients. Automatic tea brewers can be measured so that they can automatically make tea to your exact specifications every day. This isn’t huge deal for people who have tea every once in a while, but for connoisseurs, it’s an enormous time-saver.

Another feature in automatic tea brewers is the ability to eliminate bitterness from tea. For many people, that bitterness is part of the reason that they love tea, so this is feature gets mixed reviews. For most, however, a considerable amount of time is spent masking that bitterness with sugar or honey. A good tea brewer doesn’t jus brew tea, it keeps that bitterness from taking over the flavor of the tea. With that, it’s easier to enjoy the tea’s natural flavor without over-saturating it with sweeteners that ultimately hide its flavor.

Automatic tea brewers work in much the same way as coffee brewers. Boiling hot water is poured over tea leaves, exiting through the brewing mechanism fully flavored. However, there is a big difference between the two types of devices is that tea brewers often are not electric. The water is heated manually and then poured into the tea brewer. Many pope assume that the designation of “automatic” means that the brewer works electronic, but that’s actually not true. The term “automatic” simply means that the brewer is able to brew the tea without any assistance, not that it boils the water. In fact, the majority of automatic tea brewers do not use electricity at all. The ones that do use electricity are also known as automatic tea makers.

Automatic tea brewers are also great conversation pieces, and can often be beautiful displays of craftsmanship. A good example of this is the Lu Yu Automatic Tea Brewer, which has a strikingly simple design and is made of glass. Surprisingly, even though tea brewers are a somewhat rare product, they aren’t expensive at all. It rarely costs more than $30 to buy an automatic tea brewer, making it worth the cost even if you aren’t completely sure that you want one.

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