Automatic Fire Sprinkler

There are some gadgets that make your life easier, and there are some gadgets that might actually save your life… a good example being, automatic fire sprinklers. If you’re looking to buy one of these protection systems, you will find all the information you need to make an informed decision in this very website. It’s our goal to provide with the best deals from across the Internet as well as the best fire sprinkler models, so you don’t have to waste time doing research to find the perfect automatic fire sprinkler for your house or office.

When properly installed and maintained, automatic fire sprinklers can be tremendously helpful in reducing the destructive power of a fire. That’s because a good fire sprinkler will react very quickly and reliably to flames, thereby keeping them from growing and spreading throughout the building. According to statistics, the extent of property loss caused by fire is drastically reduced in houses using automatic fire sprinklers: some times as much as 90%. It actually makes sense, once you think how these sprinklers can easily manage a fire by triggering the alarm and getting into action before the flames grow out of proportion.

How do automatic fire sprinklers work

The key element that makes fire sprinklers so effective is responsiveness. A good sprinkler will be able to detect the presence of excessive heat, sound the alarm and begin suppression of the flames in a matter of minutes from the time a fire is set. In other words, it will be able to tell when there are flames inside your home and react immediately before the flames get out of control. As you know, most of the materials in your house – plastic, wood, paper, etc. can serve as fuel to increase the fire… unless of course they get soaked with water before the fire gets too strong, which is just what these sprinklers do.

In simple terms, automatic fire sprinklers are preventive fire-fighting devices. As such, it’s very important looking for an automatic fire sprinkler that includes a reliable smoke detection system. The sooner a fire is detected, the likelier it will be extinguished before it causes serious damage to your property. Most importantly, such preventive measures will vastly reduce the odds that someone might be in danger of getting hurt or even losing their lives, in case there happens to be a fire within your household or office. If you believe it’s better being safe than sorry, you will feel much better after having installed an automatic fire sprinkler.

What you need to install an automatic fire sprinkler

Besides the sprinkler system itself, you will have to consider other aspects while looking to install one of these systems: most notably the supply of water and the piping system. It’s very important that you have an adequate supply of water connected to the sprinkler; otherwise it won’t be nearly as effective. In some cases, insuring a good supply of water and adequate hydraulic pressure will require the installation of back-up devices such as a fire pump or a stand-by tank. Additionally, you should have sufficient water pressure to ensure your automatic fire sprinkler is able to work in tandem with the hoses used by the fire fighters.

Remember, automatic fire sprinklers won’t be much effective unless they have access to sufficient water reserves and adequate water pressure. Besides from that, you must also consider the piping system itself. Ideally, you want to make sure it covers the most sensitive areas in your household. Sometimes people try to save when installing an automatic fire sprinkler by installing the least possible amount of pipes, but while doing so they sacrifice the effectiveness of your fire sprinkler. In case you’re not sure what the best option is, you should request professional help to install your automatic fire sprinkler.

Additional precautions when installing automatic fire sprinklers

Once your fire sprinklers are installed, it’s wise to do a bit of testing to make sure they work like it’s supposed to. Before you start testing though, you should make sure the control valves are adequately installed. You can choose using a centralized control valve, several valves scattered through your home, or both. Before you start testing your fire sprinklers, you want to make sure all the valves work responsively; otherwise you might just end up soaking your house for no good reason. You should also make sure the system has good drains, to ensure all water is removed from the sprinkler system without any leaks, when it’s no longer necessary.

Once you have made sure the control valves are responsive, you should test your automatic fire sprinkler by simulating different sources of heat and smoke such as lighting matches or burning some papers inside a fire-proof bowl. You want to learn just how sensitive the system is, because it might be too sensitive. For example, it might start working if you happen to turn on a lighter three feet away from the sprinkler, and if so you will probably want to get it adjusted, to prevent the incidence of false alarms.

Remember, automatic fire sprinklers can be real life savers if properly installed and adjusted. But they can also be a nuisance if they’re too sensitive and trigger false alarms, or they can be a dangerous illusion if they don’t work like they should. As such, don’t assume that merely installing an automatic fire sprinkler will instantly mean you’re saving from the threat of fire: you should make sure that you thoroughly test the system in preparation for a situation of actual fire.

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