Audio Shelf Systems

Basically when one talks about an audio shelf system, he refers to an audio system specially designed to be placed on a shelf or likewise flat surface. This is an important differentiation to make because it is quite the opposite of a home theater system in which you have to spread a myriad of speakers all throughout your room. In the case of an audio shelf system, also known as a shelf stereo, you only need a minimum amount of available space in order to benefit from booming sound.

When you’re thinking about getting a new sound system for your home, there are a couple of factors to consider in regards to whether or not you should purchase an audio shelf system or a home theater system. The first thing that you need to consider is obviously the price range; an audio shelf system will be considerably cheaper than a home theater system, but on the other hand they are completely different animals. First, you will have to take a look at the amount of available space you have when setting up a sound system; if space is not an issue then maybe a theater system might be the choice for you. However, when space is an issue, then a nice and compact audio shelf system will work great.

Another thing that has to be understood about an audio shelf system is that it is all about how much volume you can get out of it, as opposed to offering surround sound. An audio shelf system is meant mainly for two things, the first is to fit in the least amount of space possible and to give out as much volume as technically possible for the amount of space is occupies.

It’s quite interesting when you think that the modern audio shelf system evolved from the bulky radio receivers of the 1940s. After that, it started taking the capability of playing records from the even bulkier jukeboxes and the only reason for why they are still around is because they kept in step with the advancing technology. Digital media technology allowed for the audio shelf system to be smaller than ever before thanks to the fact that at least technically it doesn’t have to house a tape deck or even a disc player. Even so, most systems still have at least some type of disc player. The technology used has evolved as the years went by; at first, it was a CD player and now it’s a DVD player or ideally both. However, currently the mp3-player is the king of the proverbial hill when it comes to both the storage and portability of one’s favorite tunes and as such most modern audio shelf systems allow for various ways of connecting to an mp3-player or to various other modern gadgets, either through cables or wireless technologies like Bluetooth.

An audio shelf system also offers quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to possible arrangement setups. The best part about having an audio shelf system is that it can be easily re-deployed in a different part of the room when you move your furniture or to a different room altogether if the situation calls for it. This is another thing you can’t exactly do with a theater home system because oftentimes these systems require you to mount certain speakers up on your walls which doesn’t offer a lot of flexibility. Besides this, a surround sound system requires a certain amount of free space in order to be properly set up and not to mention that if you want the perfect surround sound you’ll need to eliminate any obstacles from the path of the sound waves.

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