Audio Preamp

An audio preamp is simply a small amplifier that precedes another amplifier in order to prepare the signal for more power from the second amp. The circuitry for this preamp can be housed in a separate component or is can be housed inside of the amplifier.

Preamps are used all the time and in many different contexts. In general the sound quality goes way up when a preamp is used because low-level signals are brought up to line level. You won’t get as much clipping and all of the frequencies will be clearer and shaper. It’s worth your time to invest in a preamp wherever you use audio.

Typical places with a preamp is used would be for instruments, analog to digital convertors, live music, recording, a CD/DVD drive, a mixing deck, and a masthead with a TV. There are so many uses for these devices that it’s almost limitless.

Musicians have long used preamps for recording and for live shows. In fact, all good musicians will use a preamp on stage in order to get much better control over their tone and their EQ. Most times the preamp is built into the amplifiers. But separate units can be purchased as well, in fact many audiophiles believe that a separate unit is better because you can have more control over your sound. When an amp has a preamp already installed it’s called an integrated amplifier. Popular brands would include Marshall, Fender, and Peavey.

Home recording on a computer is much enhanced when using an outboard audio preamp. In fact, we wouldn’t recommend that you simply plug into your computer with your guitar and go direct. If you do your sound with be very thin and weak. Adding a preamp in between the instrument and the computer will allow for a realistic recording sound with lots of head room and power. You can also control your tone much better as well. A good until like this will run you about $200 or so, but it’s well worth it.

Many people are beginning to use home audio preamps for their home theatre systems. In order to get that movie quality sound it takes more than just good speakers and a powerful television set. A preamp boosts the power of the outputs without distorting the sound features. If you’re into watching action flicks at home on TV and you want to hear every explosion and action scene the way it was meant to be heard getting one of these preamps is definitely the way to go. You can also use a lower volume setting and still get crystal clear sound, which is nice when the kids have gone off to bed.

Lots of folks are really into the quality of sound that they can attain in their cars. For many it’s a huge hobby of theirs. Well, simply getting a quality stereo and quality speakers will not be enough to get the best possible sound. Again, it’s best to configure a car audio preamp between the system and the speakers for the best sound possible. In fact getting separate preamps for your subwoofer and your other speakers is definitely the way to go for the car audio enthusiast. That way all your frequencies will sit right in the mix and you’ll be able to hear the sound in your car as well as you would at home on your nice stereo. If you’re in your car a lot and this is a priority of yours then it’s definitely something that you should look into for sure.

A stereo preamp for your home stereo system is a must if you want top quality sound as well. Yes you can simply get a receiver (which has an audio preamp already inside of it) or you can get a separate preamp that stands alone. For the true sound quality expert a separate preamp will always be their choice because it give them greater control over their system.

An audio preamp can be used in so many different ways from recording, to car audio, to home theatre systems, to home stereos. If you truly love your sound you’ll look into installing good preamps all over the place.

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