Audio Power Amplifier

An amplifier is essentially an electronic device that can used to enhance the voltage, or current of a signal. In general, amplifiers are used to amplify the sound signal of audio devices, but can also be used in wireless communications and broadcasting. There are two basic categories of amplifiers – weak signal amplifiers and power amplifiers. Weak signal amplifiers are employed in wireless receivers to boost a very low signal by increasing the voltage of the signal and by eliminating internal noise. Power amplifiers are generally used in wireless and broadcast transmitters, and hi-fi audio devices. Audio power amplifiers are basically designed to work with loud-speakers, by enhancing their sound or for sound reinforcement.

An amplifier works by taking a signal from a source device and making it suitable to drive a loudspeaker. The source signal is known as the input and the end signal is known as the output. The primary difference between an input signal and an output signal is in the strength of the signal. All audio power amplifiers have a power rating in watts. This rating can be stated in terms of load impedances measured in ohms, the most common ones being 8 ohms, 4 ohms and 2 ohms. In modern amplifiers, a higher power output is generated with the use of low load impedance speakers. The power rating of an amplifier denotes the maximum output that it can produce, but not necessarily the only operational output.

While early audio power amplifiers used vacuum tubes as amplifying devices, modern day amplifiers employ the use of transistors. Transistors amplifiers are more efficient and compact than its vacuum tube counterparts, and unlike vacuum tube amplifiers, require no audio output transformer.

Amplifiers alter the input signal in two ways – one is by strengthening the signal, or amplifying it, and adding additional characteristics that were absent from the source signal. These additional and unwanted components are together called distortions. Aside from this disruption in the audio output, a number of amplifiers also emit a certain amount of electrical noise, which increases in proportion according to the power of the amplifier. The best amplifiers, therefore, are those that reduce the noise and distortion significantly so that they do not interrupt with the quality of sound produced.

Audio amplifiers are manufactured by a number of brands. Some of these are Accuphase, Audiolab, Cambridge Audio, Pioneer, Opus, Sansui, Sony, Yaqin, Yamaha, etc. Prices of these brands vary according to the power ratings, and are also subject to a number of other factors. Of these, Yaqin MC 10L 52 has received some good reviews, and users have recommended this to be a good value for its price, listed at $695.00. This audio power integrated amplifier produces good-quality sound, and is great with boom boxes. It is also a durable device, as some users have reported of using it for a number of years. Sansui AU 7900 is also a highly recommended audio power amplifier that provides excellent sound quality and is a very durable device. It is a 75 Watt integrated amplifier that is appropriately priced at $400.00. Audiolab 800 A is yet another good audio power integrated amplifier with a three dimensional sound stage that produces incredible sound quality at an affordable price of approximately $340 -$400.

Audio power amplifiers are must-have devices for audiophiles or anyone who appreciates good quality music. They are widely available both in stores and online, and there are a range of prices to choose from. If taken proper care, these power amplifiers last for years and are ideal for any kind of music systems at home or for professional requirements.

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