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An audio equalizer, also known as a graphic equalizer, is a set of sliders that allows the stereo user to increase or reduce bands of sound that are on frequencies. The result is a more focused sound, with bass and treble specifications to suit the individual listener. The name from graphic equalizer comes from the fact that we can see the audio levels as we are adjusting them. A typical audio equalizer includes a series of filters and amplifiers that are each set to a certain frequency. A typical audio equalizer will have two sets of these levels, one for each channel in the stereo system. Gain controls affect volume, and are typically represented by a button that you slide up or down. Audio equalizers are most frequent in medium- to high-grade stereo systems, and every recording studio worth its salt will have one. You can even find equalizers for your computer sound, or for your car stereo.

Different kinds of media sound differently on various graphic equalizers. For example, a particular device may play music files better than audio on feature films. In addition, be sure to find an audio equalizer that that doesn’t fuzz up or distort the sound, which is a common problem among audio equalizers. Audio equalizers are great for people with an extensive music collection that includes older recordings, such as cassettes and older CDs. Graphic equalizers brighten up the sound.

Another thing to consider when purchasing a graphic equalizer are “sticky buttons,” or buttons or slides that do not move as easily or as intuitively as you would like them to. Sticky buttons can result in the cutting out of sound on certain frequencies, negatively affecting the quality of sound. In addition, once you find the perfect balance among dials and switches, some models do not contain hash marks that allow you to easily remember these things. This can be easily remedied by applying magic marker to the places that you would like to remember.

Below are some examples of top equalizers in the market.

The Samson D2500 Digital Graphic Equalizer has 31 bands of sound and includes a fader, programmable delay, a noise gate, low pass filters, a limiter and an enhancer. There are up to 1010 programmable settings available, and the device includes a three year warranty that includes parts and labor. Samson S Curve 215 Dual 15 Band Equalizer gives the user control over two audio channels. With a range of 12 dB, users can move sliders that are lit up using LED (light emitting diode) technology. Because the equalizer is low-noise, there are a variety of ways this device can be used, including during live performances and studio recordings. At 15 bands, each frequency represents 2/3 an octave with a range of 25 Hz to 16 kHz. Other features include a switchable low-cut filter at 80 Hz. This feature reduces extra noises and movement. In addition, XLR and TRS connectors are electronically balanced, there are options for stereo or the use of two monophonic signals. There is also faders, circuits that prevent thumps, an internal power supply and a useful 19″ rack design. This device also includes a three year warranty, including parts and labor. The Samson S Curve 231 Dual 31 Band Equalizer has a range of 24 dB, but is otherwise very similar to the Samson S Curve 215, except that it has 31 bands of frequency (rather than 15).

The dbx 1215 Dual 15 Band Equalizer offers 15 2/3 octave bands, dual channels, a range of 12 dB and ISO frequency centers. Other features include low-cut filters, gain adjustments, a barrier strip and easy to use connectors. The dbx 231 Dual 31 Band Graphic Equalizer also is a popular choice. Features of this device include two channels of 31 bands that at 2/3 of an octave. The range is from 6 to 12 dB (12sB per octave) and a low-cut filter is 40 Hz. A front panel switch, LED displays and an internal transformer are other features of this device. The four-band Summit Audio FEQ50 Tube and Solid State Equalizer is passive with a range of 14 dB. There are six frequencies per band, a master bypass and a separate bypassable high pass filter. This device comes with a 3-year warranty.

Other popular graphic equalizer models include:

  • AudioSource EQ200 10-Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer
  • Behringer Ultra-Compact 9-Band Graphic Equalizer FBQ800 by Musical Instruments
  • Clarion EQS746 1/2 DIN Graphic Equalizer with Built-in Crossover
  • Behringer 15-Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer FBQ1502
  • Soundstorm Laboratories S7EQ 7 Band Graphic Equalizer
  • Behringer 31-Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer FBQ3102
  • Behringer 31-Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer FBQ6200
  • KARAOKE Digital Karaoke DJ/KJ Mixer With Built In 7 Band Graphic Equalizer by VocoPro
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