ATV Mower

Buying an ATV mower is all the rage these days. Gone are the days when people were confined to mowing their lawns with only one or two types of lawn mowers. Now you can have fun while mowing your lawn if you buy an ATV mower. The original ATV, or all-terrain vehicle, was actually a motorized off-highway vehicle with handlebars in addition to having a seat similar to a motorcycle. However it was built with 3 wheels that were optimized with regard to control and safety whenever you are navigating unpaved roads. With an all-terrain vehicle, the rider sits up like on a motorcycle and operates it like a motorcycle. Since there are more than 2 wheels the rider has more stability at reduced speeds. ATVs originated in the 1970s and were made with 3 wheels. They also came with reduced power motors.

ATVs had been used primarily for recreational purposes and around farms. As technology developed and the engines became more powerful, the design of the 3 wheeler ultimately led to its demise. The 3 wheeled ATVs were unstable on uneven surfaces. At higher speeds they became dangerous and could flip over while undergoing weight transfers. Due to these safety issues, companies began to produce four-wheeled versions in the late 1980s. They halted the production of the three wheelers all together in 1987. ATV’s then started to be produced exclusively with four wheels and where a whole lot safer to operate. Eventually other uses began to be found for ATVs. Consumers have an unlimited choice of models too choose from now. ATVs are sold in all kinds of colors, sizes. They can have two or four wheel drive and can carry a single person or multiple passengers.

Now consumers can even get ATV mowers. The ATV mower will provide an easy enjoyable mowing experience. Who wouldn’t have fun mowing their lawn while on a motorcycle type vehicle? The ATV mower is equipped with shocks and a suspension system. Large lawns and fields can be mowed in a fraction of the time without worrying about the user becoming fatigued. Just the comfort and fun by itself should cause you to want an ATV mower.

An ATV mower is also good for other kinds of lawn work. You can go from mowing to digging and hauling easily with an ATV mower. It can be widely-used to execute a variety of functions. An ATV mower really is going perform these jobs accurately and efficiently and quickly. You will be surprised at how much your lawn chores change from drudgery to satisfactory times of enjoyment that you will look to now. There are several types of ATV mowers on the market and you can choose one best suited to the kind of mowing you are doing. There are different ATV mowers for all kinds of terrain mowing. There are actually mulching mower models as well as some with built in trimmers. Apart from mowing your lawn, you will have fun doing other chores with your ATV mower. No more trying to get your youngster to mow the lawn. You’ll be trying just try to stop them instead. Even your friends and neighbors may well volunteer to come over and do some of your lawn chores for you.

Also, you will have excellent vehicle to take you camping and fishing if you remove the mowing attachments. It will take you places no ordinary lawn mower would dare to. There are plenty of different uses for this vehicle. Many models are available. All you have to do is go online and read the numerous reviews on ATV mowers. In the event you own a couple of acres or perhaps a small farm you will really want to get one of these mowers. Why waste your time with a push mower or a mower that you have to hook up to your tractor? Save time and money by buying an ATV mower instead.

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