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Smartphones and tablets get a lot of media attention these days, but they are still a long way from replacing laptops and desktops. In fact, the laptop recently took over from the desktop as the most popular type of computer. It may have been just an executive toy in the past but the laptop is now an extremely versatile and portable computer. ASUS is one of the leading brands in the laptop market today and there are many different models to choose from. You can be sure of finding an ASUS laptop to suit whatever requirements you have. There are models for casual users, students, business people, and even gamers.

Laptops are great for taking notes during meetings or lectures, and they are handy for quickly finding an important fact or figure that someone needs to know. The high capacity of the latest hard drives allows a laptop user to carry their entire movie and music collection around with them. This is especially useful for people who travel frequently and have to endure long delays and stay overs. Laptops were heavy and bulky in the past but the latest models are lightweight and slimline. You can even get smaller versions called netbooks but these have limited performance compared to laptops.

ASUS is the main brand name used by ASUStek Computer Incorporated, a leading computer manufacturer based in Taiwan. They have been making laptops for many years, as well as computer components and many other electronic products. They also make components for products made by other companies. Every ASUS laptop combines good performance with stylish design and usually ranks very highly in consumer reviews. Their competitors in the laptop market include Acer, Apple, Dell, Lenova, MSI, Toshiba, and many others. There are plenty of ASUS laptop models to choose from, so it helps to know what features you need before going shopping for one.

Before buying an ASUS laptop, or any computer for that matter, work out what you need it for and what features it should have. If you just write letters and emails, there is no need to spend a lot of money on a high performance model. On the other hand, only the most powerful and expensive models are capable of playing the latest video games. Business users need a laptop that lies somewhere between those two extremes and preferably has extra security features to keep their work safe. The ASUS laptop range is divided into many different series, which are denoted by a letter followed by a number. They include the G51 series of gaming laptops, the M60 series of multimedia laptops, and the B53 series of business laptops.

The ASUS laptop range has a number of unique features that improves the experience of using a laptop. Video Magic enhances multimedia by optimizing colors and boosting resolutions, and Sonic Master adds high fidelity sound to accompany the visuals. An ASUS laptop equipped with the new USB 3.0 connector can transfer files ten times faster than a laptop with just USB 2.0. Every laptop is subjected to heavy impacts over its lifetime, so ASUS Shockshield helps protect your data by reducing the risk of your hard drive crashing. The ASUS Xpress battery charger reduces charging times and improves the life cycle of your battery.

If you prefer portability over performance, an ASUS netbook may be a better choice than an ASUS laptop. The ASUS Eee PC range of netbooks has screen sizes from seven to twelve inches, which is much smaller than the typical screen size of an ASUS laptop. A netbook is fine for writing letters and email but it is not the best choice for other tasks. For graphic design work, a laptop with a large screen and high performance is essential. Netbooks are really for people who have grown tired of the limitations of their mobile smartphones but who still want a device they can carry around in their pocket.

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