Aroma Rice Cooker

Where cooking appliances are concerned, it is important for people to purchase something of high quality, yet sold at an affordable price. The Aroma Rice Cooker certainly fits into both of these categories. Potential consumers can be sure that when they are buying a model from the Aroma Rice Cooker range, they are buying a high standard appliance. There are several models to choose from, and deciding on the most suitable model can be a bit of a task.

To be able to make an informed decision, the customer would need to take a look at all of the different features of each model, and take certain points into consideration. For example, some of the cookers in the Aroma Rice Cooker range are designed to be able to cook larger quantities. For a large family, this would be an ideal feature, but what about a single person living on their own? A smaller one would be better suited. Firstly, let’s look at the different features of several cookers from the Aroma Rice Cooker range to see what they have to offer.

Professional Series 10-Cup Sensor Logic Rice Cooker:
At sixty nine dollars, this Aroma Rice Cooker offers a very reasonable price for a high quality appliance. There are several features that a potential customer would need to consider with this one in mind. Firstly, this particular model is designed to cook fairly large quantities of rice. The approximate amount is twenty cups. For a large family, this would be suitable, as it would allow space to cook large meals at once. However, for a single person, or even two people, twenty cups is going to be far too much.

There are, however, several advantages to this model. To start with, it has the capability of keeping the rice warm for up to twelve hours. This would make it perfect for a party, or for preparing a meal in advance. Not only does it cook rice, but it has the capability to steam cook vegetables as well. This model has a water reservoir function, which removes any excess condensation, meaning that there is no water left over.

3-Cup Pot-Style Rice Cooker:
For a single person, or a couple, this model in the Aroma Rice Cooker range would be well suited. For a larger family, or more than two people, however, this isn’t going to perform as well. The maximum amount of cups that this model can cook at any one time is 6. This would be fine for a serving of possibly three, but any more would be pushing it. There are, however, some advantages to this model.

To start with, it has the capability to steam vegetables, cook stews, soups, fish and vegetables, which is quite a selling point considering its small size. It can keep the rice warm for a matter of hours after it has been cooked, which can be quite convenient. The interface of this Aroma Rice Cooker itself, looks very simple to use, as it is just a simple touch screen, which makes it quick as well as simple. At a price of only $27.99, this rice cooker is very reasonable.

6-Cup Cool-Touch Rice Cooker:

Although this Aroma Rice Cooker states in the name that it is a six cup cooker, the product description states otherwise. It says that the cooker can cook up to twelve cups of rice at one time, so this would be well suited for a family rather than a single person. The functions of this particular model don’t vary greatly from the two mentioned previously. However, it does have a delay function, and also has a slow cook function which makes it perfect for cooking stews and soups too. Again, there is a water reservoir function meaning that no excess water is left behind. With a price tag of sixty nine dollars, this Aroma Rice Cooker could be seen as a little steep, as it can only cook twelve cups at a time, but it still does everything that it is supposed to.

There are many more models in the Aroma Rice Cooker range, these are just a few. Any potential customer needs to consider what they are looking for, and what they require from a rice cooker in order to make an informed decision and make a good purchase.

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