Arm Mount for Monitors

Monitor stands are available in many different designs and styles today that allow you to make more room on your desk by removing your computer monitor from the desktop. You can purchase an arm mount for monitors that allows you to place your monitor in a more convenient and comfortable position for viewing. Arm mounts are available today in a range of designs and colors and from many different retailers. When you need to move the monitor, an arm mount allows you to adjust it completely giving you full control over where your monitor is placed. You can adjust the position for both sitting and standing so you have the ability to view the monitor perfectly from virtually any angle. You can also purchase arm mounts for monitors that allow you to swivel the screen between two different desks when needed.

When purchasing an arm mount for monitors you should be certain that you choose one that offers you flexibility. You should be able to adjust the monitor for perfect viewing every time. It is recommended that your computer monitor be placed at least eighteen to twenty-four inches from your face when viewing. This allows you to have the best view of the monitor screen and to position the display to make it more comfortable. This helps to avoid unnecessary eye strain and strains on the neck and shoulders. Choosing the right arm mount for your computer monitor will allow you to position the monitor perfectly, taking the strain away from your eyes, neck and shoulders and making it much more comfortable for you to work, play games, browse the internet and perform other computer tasks.

You should note that there are a variety of different ways that arm mounts can be mounted. The market is filled with arm mounts for desks, walls, overhead mounting positions and even mobile work carts. You will need to choose the appropriate arm mount for your specific needs. Desk mounting is often the simplest option because it allows you to position the screen close to you which makes it more accessible. Your desk surface will need to be durable and flat in order to support the arm mount. It should also be sturdy enough to handle the weight of your computer monitor in addition to the weight of the arm. If your desk is not sturdy or is too flimsy to handle this weight combination then another mounting option may be better.

Wall mounted arms for monitors are another popular option. You will need to select a spot on the wall to mount the arm and find a stud that will support the weight of the monitor and the arm. This will allow you to completely free up your desk space. If you are not planning to move the arm or reposition it then you may prefer an overhead arm mount which will keep the monitor stationary but give you much more free space on your desk. These mounts are typically attached to ceiling rafters or studs for added safety and security.

You can purchase an arm mount for monitors that handle more than one monitor as well. There are many varieties that offer dual mounting to give you the ability to mount two monitors at once. Take your time when choosing the arm mount that is best for your needs. You should ensure that the mount itself can safely handle the weight of your monitor and only purchase from a reputable dealer. The mounting kit should contain all of the hardware needed to mount your monitor safely and securely. If you are unsure of just how to mount the kit then you may want to consider hiring contractor or see if someone you know has experience in installing arm mounts for monitors. It is important that these be installed correctly to avoid the risk of the monitor falling or coming loose.

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