Aquaguard Water Purifier

Water, the most important element of life and also the one most easily infected by external means. It is the primary medium through which germs and disease enter the human body from the environment. Hence, it is extremely important that the water we drink is pure. Water purifiers are devised to remove impurities in water like bacteria, chemicals, chlorine and microorganisms like Giardia, which can cause odor and taste.

Eureka-Forbes sleekly designed the first ever water purifiers in India and fulfilled the demands for pure water. Specialized in 5 water know-hows, and addressing 17 different water problems, Eureka-Forbes produces over 71 million liters of water a day. It is one of the largest manufacturers of water purifiers, has over 20 products, acclaiming above 6million sold units and many purifying methods including those using UV light, and reverse osmosis. The Aquaguard range from Eureka-Forbes Includes:


  • Aquaguard Classic: It features total water purification using eboiling+ and has an intelligent purity sensor system. It has three-in-one filtering, mechanical shutoff and a decalcification method.
  • Aquaguard Compact: It features overall water purification using eboiling+ and contains an intelligent purity sensor system. It offers dual filtering means for clear water.

Total Protection

  • Aquaguard Total Gold Nova: It uses unique Intelleboiling+ and is the only UV purifier that ensures Lead and Pesticide free drinking water
  • Aquaguard Total INFINITI: It houses the unique Micro Controller Scan (MCS) System also known as the Mini-Brain. It uses the Active Silver+ Technology.
  • Aquaguard Total iNOVA: This features the Intelligent Purity Sensor System and has automatic fill option.
  • Aquaguard Reviva: It has the Silver Surety Technology and a special Membrane cleaning system. Reviva is intended for regions with hard water and uses reverse osmosis and a six-stage filtering system to purify the water and to take out the minerals causing it to be hard
  • Aquaguard Total SENSA: It has both SMP+ and BLU G technology.

Special Usage

  • Aquaguard Booster: It features total water purification using eboiling+ and has an intelligent purity sensor. It utilizes a 50-watt ultraviolet light technology for the water decontamination method. It features an integral pressure pump, automatic shut off and electronic monitoring system to signal when the pure water finishes.
  • Aquaguard Hi-Flo: It has total water purification using eboiling+ and has an intelligent purity sensor system.
  • Aquaguard Total NF: Contains “Argentum Nanofresh Technology” and intelligent Auto Flush.
  • Aquaguard Total RO: It contains Argentum Nanofresh Technology, intelligent Auto Flush and uses reverse osmosis to purify water.
  • Aquaguard Total RO Protech+: It has Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer and double filtration.
  • Aquaguard Total RO SMART TURBO: This actually improves the taste of water and uses High TDS Reduction Membrane.

The Aquaguard water purifier is no different from other water purifiers in the sense that it purifies water. Despite that, the remarkable feature that distinguishes the Aquaguard water purifier is the quality and the amount of pure water it can hold. An Aquaguard water purifier will store up to four gallons of pure water. It eradicates many of the everyday chemicals that are found in the common tap water. Almost all Aquaguard water purifiers reduce chromium, lead, sodium and many other such harmful elements.

Eureka-Forbes allows consumers to choose from a variety of available water purifiers, allowing maximum customization according to the requirements of the consumers. These water purifiers are not only of the best quality, but also very precise, easy to use and not too hard on the wallet. After all, who can put a price on a healthy life?

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