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Apple laptops come in a variety of shapes, sizes and features, each with its own price point. To choose the right one, one must determine his and her needs and the price range. Each Apple laptop has its own range of capability, memory size, monitor length and more. Some people will only require barebones systems for e-mail and Internet surfing while others such as students, gamers and multimedia creators will want bells and whistles that allow them to create their own digital universe. Business people will require their own set of features that allow them to track documents and accounting modules, as well as communicate globally in a meaningful way, especially while on the road. And of course, portability is a concern for almost everybody, especially road warriors, college students and businesspeople on the go.

There are many different slang terms to help you determine what kind of computer that you will need; netbooks, ultraportable, desktop replacement, midsize, and thin and light to name a few. Ultaportables are a higher-end compact laptop for those who have more advanced necessities. Netbooks are the most barebones of the bunch for those that require only e-mail, Internet and other simple characteristics. High-end feature and compact design combine to bring us the thin and light models. Basic computing laptops that do better in one place rather than on the go are mid-size, the most popular and mainstream of all laptops.

The Apple laptop can serve as a replacement computer for an existing laptop. This allows the mobility of a laptop, combines with the capability of the traditional desktop computer. For example, perhaps your home office is in the den, and there is a family gathering taking place, perhaps a board game or a TV show playing too loud. If you had a laptop, all you must do is unplug the device and take it to another room. All you need is a power source and a device that allows you to connect to the Internet. In this situation, one should consider a mid-size notebook or a desktop replacement laptop. You will need at least 1 GB of space, a 14-inch monitor, a large amount of memory for photo and video storage, a DVD burner, wired and wireless networking, and of course, the Apple laptop will come fully equipped with the Mac OS X operating system.

For the student, a limited budget and the weight and wear and tear of traveling across campus are all of concern. A student should look for at least 1 GB of memory, a DVD to backup work on, a large enough hard drive for MP3s, wired and wireless connections for the dorm room and on the go, and the Mac OS X operating system, which will come with your Apple laptop. The multimedia purveyor and/or gamer will will need at least 2 GB of space, 15 inches of monitor length, an advance graphics drive, a double deck DVD burner that is high definition and/or Blu-Ray compatible, and multimedia connectors and possible a detachable mouse and keyboard.

Those on the road need to place portability at a premium, and ultraportabes can hit the spot. Aim for 1 GB of memory, at least a 13-inch monitor and a weight of 4 pounds and a thickness no thicker than a spiral notebook. An extended battery is a must, and consider a DVD/CD drive and a port. Businesspeople will need 1 to 2 GB of memory, a 14 to 15 inch monitor, a moderately sized hard drive, a double deck DVD burner, extra battery life and wire and wireless networking options.

The Apple MacBook has a 13-inch monitor and resembles the 15-inch Apple Pro. It is considered one of the more attractive laptops out there, and it has a large touch-pas display and an aesthetic glass monitor and is thinner than its predecessor. The Apple MacBook has 2 GB of memory. They are basically a simplified , more affordable version of the Apple Mac Book Pro.

The Mac Book Pro has a good battery life and touch pad useability that resembles that of the Apple MacBoom air, but is considered only slightly better in performance than the Apple Mac Book. There is only 90 days of free tech support via phone. The Mac BookPro has 2 GB of memory, weighs about 7 pounds and has about a 15- and 17- inch monitors.

The Apple MacBook Air is compact yet durable that contains a remote “optical” drive. It is slower than its MacBook couterpart and leaves much to be desired in the connectability department. The hard drive I considered small, but the attachable drive compensates for this. The battery is not replaceable. The Apple MacBook is considered cutting edge in it design and should appeal to an audience with specialized requirements. The Apple MacBook air has 2 GB of memory and weighs 3 pounds. The monitor is 13 inches and the device is only 0.76 inches thick.

Some tips for when you go laptop shopping:

  • Do your background research. Become familiar with advertisements from at local retailers. Get a feel for the prices they’re asking for on the Apple laptop that you seek All products have a lowest-rung price they will ultimately not surpass reach. Find out what this figure is and let is be your guide when shopping for a laptop.
  • In addition, shop online to see what your favorite device is selling for.
  • Bargaining can get you a long way. Go into a retailer, show them what others are selling your Apple laptop for, then ask them to beat it.
  • Do not just buy the cheapest computer out there. Nothing’s worse than making a large investment in something that cannot even give you what you want. Instead find the best combination of the features you need and the price you can afford.
  • Be sure to give your computer a test drive before you take the plunge.
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