Apple iTouch

The Apple iTouch is a portable media player and digital assistant that plays music, movies, games, music video clips, and other media. It has more features than the iPod Classic and can even access the internet. It is not a mobile phone but is often confused with the Apple iPhone because they both look similar and have the same software interface. The second generation of the Apple iTouch has slightly improved features compared to the first generation. There are three models available, each with a different price and storage capacity. Media can be purchased from Apple’s online stores and downloaded using one of its three connectivity options.

The first generation of the Apple iTouch was launched in September 2007 and was followed a year later by the second generation. Both generations are available in 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB models. The price of an Apple iTouch depends on its storage capacity, which makes the 8GB model the most affordable model and the 32GB model the most expensive model. All of the models have the same size, weight, and black casing. The second generation has a faster processor and a slightly longer battery life than the first generation. It also has the latest version 3.0 of the iPhone operating system.

The top surface of the Apple iTouch is taken up by a large, touch-sensitive screen. It has multi-touch capability, just like the iPhone, allowing several fingers to be used to perform tasks, like stretching and rotating of pictures. Anyone who is familiar with the Apple laptop trackpad should have no problem using the screen. On the left edge of the Apple iTouch are two buttons for adjusting the volume. There is also a sleep/wake button on the top edge and a button on the right edge that brings up the home screen. Sockets for the dock connector and headphones are located on the bottom edge.

Inside the Apple iTouch is a powerful ARM processor which is used in many other portable devices. The color LCD touchscreen measures 480 by 320 pixels and can show widescreen videos with minimal letterboxing. Game graphics are powered by a PowerVR MBX Lite chip. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery plays up to six hours of video or up to thirty six hours of music. The battery is suppose to be non-removable but there are plenty of small computer shops and mobile phone shops that will change it for a small fee. There are no direction controls for playing games, as the touchscreen and accelerometer are suppose to be used instead. The accelerometer allows movement to be controlled by physically moving the device.

The interface software used for the Apple iTouch is the same as that used for the iPhone. The home screen shows a grid of icons for the user’s favorite applications. There is a button on the side that instantly takes the user back to the home screen. The software includes all the standard PDA features, like a calendar and address book, and it also has a Safari web browser. Anyone who uses an Apple desktop or laptop computer will feel at home with the Apple iTouch. The iTunes software required to download media from Apple needs to run on a computer with a recent version of MacOS, Windows XP, or Windows Vista.

The box includes an Apple iTouch, earphones, USB 2.0 cable, dock adapter, polishing cloth, and a quick start guide. Charging is performed by connecting the USB cable to a computer or a special power adapter. Full charging takes approximately four hours, but two hours in enough to give it a short but usable charge. The Apple iTouch can then be loaded with any media the user selects from their own computer, or purchased and downloaded directly from Apple’s online stores. Both generations provide the option of using USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth for this, but the first generation require a software upgrade to give it the Bluetooth capability.

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