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The Apple iPod was not the first mp3 player but most people think they were due to the incredible marketing team at Apple. Most people use the term “iPod” to refer to any brand of mp3 player but there are many mp3 players available so what makes the Apple iPod brand so special?

The ongoing marketing that Apple does for their iPod line has a lot to do with why the iPod is so popular. Owning the latest iPod has become a status symbol of sorts among today’s trendiest people. You know a product is hot when the President of the United States gives an iPod to the Queen of England for her birthday!

When Apple decided to enter the burgeoning personal music player industry, they were not satisfied with the current style of player available. The ones with the easiest interfaces were rather large and ungainly while the smaller versions had terrible usability. They put together an entire group of engineers and set them to work at designing a better mp3 player. The original iPod was released in 2001 with the tagline that it would put “1,000 songs in your pocket”.

Apple didn’t stop with their initial creation, though. They have constantly worked on improving the interface, offering more ways to use their products and increasing the media types available. The original iPod was a great portable music player that people could take with them anywhere but today’s iPods do so much more than play music.

Each generation of iPod has some sort of innovation to add to it’s functionality. Apple has managed to shrink the iPod so that today’s versions are much slimmer than previous models, some only about ¼ of an inch thick. They’ve also managed to add larger memory capacities with some iPods having larger memories than mid-entry desktop computers. This ever-evolving aspect of the Apple iPod product line is major reason for Apple’s huge market share, with four main products available.

The Apple iPod Classic is on its sixth generation with each successive model having larger storage capacities, now up to 160 gb, as well as incorporating sleek, new designs. These designs are what makes the iPod a stylish accessory as well as a functional device. The current model comes in sleek silver or ultra-stylish black. Slightly larger than the previous generation, it still weighs in at under 6 oz. It offers a larger display with good resolution for photo or video playback.

The Apple iPod Shuffle is the ultimate portable music device, weighing in at less than half an ounce and less than 2 inches tall. Despite being the world’s smallest mp3 player, the Shuffle packs a punch for music lovers. Somehow they’ve managed to include a 4 gb flash drive that will store up to 1000 songs. With its stainless steel clip, the Shuffle goes anywhere you want to go.

The Apple iPod Nano has been a popular accessory ever since it came out and is available in 9 fashionable colors for the style-conscious. The Nano goes beyond music playing and take the mp3 player in a whole new direction with games available from Apple’s proprietary iTunes store. With its 2 inch screen and up to 16 gb flashdrive, the Nano still retains its tiny size, weighing just 1.3 oz.

The latest offering from the Apple iPod line is the iPod Touch. This promises to be the most popular of the iPod line due to its versatility. No longer just an mp3 player, the iPod Touch is a full multi-media experience wrapped in a tiny package only 1/3 of an inch deep. With its huge 3.5 inch display, touch screen and WiFi capabilities, this iPod packs a lot of entertainment in a small package.

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