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These days, it would be difficult to find someone who is not familiar with the Apple iPod portable music player. In a short space of time, it has become a cultural icon of the modern digital age. The iPod brand is immensely popular with all types of people, and Apple has sold millions since the first one was launched in 2001. There are a number of different models in the iPod range to choose from. But for some people, it can be a little daunting carrying around a large and expensive model, like the Classic or Touch. The Apple iPod Nano is a smaller and more affordable model which is ideal for taking to school or work. It first appeared in 2005 and a new generation has been launched every year since then. The latest one is the fifth generation and it is proving to be a considerable improvement over previous ones.

The iPod range ushered in a new age of portable music players that changed the way people listen to music. Like the Sony Walkman before it, the original iPod Classic was a huge success because it was functional, compact, and stylish. Even today, it remains hugely popular in a market flooded with inexpensive players. The Apple iPod Nano is one of the more affordable models in the iPod range. Apple realized early on that consumers wanted a mid-range player that was less expensive than the Classic, but also more functional than a basic MP3 player. Apple launched the iPod Mini in 2003 and it was the first mid-range player in the range, but they replaced it with the Nano only two years later.

The most apparent change to the latest Apple iPod Nano compared with previous generations is the increased length of its screen, which now measures 2.2 inches. However, the overall size of the Nano has not been changed. To accommodate the longer screen, the click wheel has been shifted downwards, and the spacing in between has been reduced. Some users may find the new layout to be a little more cramped than before, but there is still plenty of space between the screen and the click wheel. The other apparent change is the shiny anodized finish on the aluminum shell. Previous generations had a matte finish that made them look rather dull. The new finish is very eye-catching but it need to be wiped frequently to remove fingerprints and keep it shiny.

Apart from the larger screen and new finish, several new features have been added to the latest generation of the Apple iPod Nano. The most exciting and widely anticipated one is a VGA video camera, which has a resolution of 640×480 pixels and a microphone. Video cameras have long been a standard feature on mobile phones and other gadgets, and while the new camera is a nice addition, it is not as good as the high definition pocket camcorders available today, such as the popular Flip. Another new features is the FM radio which can pause and rewind live radio. A pedometer has been included for measuring jogging distances, but fitness fans will probably want to use the Nike iPod sports kit anyway.

Every Apple iPod Nano comes with a set of earphones, a USB2.0 cable, dock adapter, and a quick start guide. The cable and dock adapter are used to charge the Nano from a USB port on a computer, and also to copy songs and other media onto it from the computer. Like every other iPod, there is a huge range of accessories available for the Nano. A USB power adapter is great for charging from a power point when a computer is not available. Arm bands and waist buckles allow a Nano to be worn on the outside of clothing, which is more convenient than having it stuffed inside a pocket, especially when the song or volume needs to be changed. A wide range of portable speakers can be used with it too, and some of the larger models will even charge while playing music.

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