AO Smith Water Heater

AO Smith Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of both residential and commercial water heating equipment. Ever since the first water heater was introduced into the marketplace in 1936 they have gone from strength to strength. AO Smith’s vast range of water heaters are available in gas, electric and even solar panel. All their models are made with groundbreaking designs and are known to be highly efficient water heaters.

AO Smith offers a whole host of water heaters which include:
Residential electric water heater – this water heater is known to be twice as efficient as a standard electric water heater. It is able to absorb heat from the environment and will literally transfer this heat straight to the water. In addition to this it is able to cool and dehumidifier the air. The residential electric water heater will typically come with an 80 gallon tank, which will ensure that far more energy is created via the heat pump technology. This will, of course, result in far larger savings. You will notice that it has an LCD display which will make any interactions far easier.

Residential hybrid gas water heater – this water heater uses a patented heat transfer process that is able to utilise a secondary heat exchanger. This will allow it to capture heated gas from the tank-less unit and will then directed back via a buffer tank. This form of technology is able to completely eliminate the sudden interruptions of hot water delivery, otherwise known as cold water sandwiches.

Solar water heater – this water heater will utilise energy directly from the sun and then provide hot water. These specific systems are made up from solar thermal panels that will typically be fastened to a roof facing the sun. As the panel heats up it will transfer heated fluid which will then be pumped through a heat exchanger. This will then transfer the energy to the water inside the storage tank. The more solar panels that are used and the greater the volume of the tank will mean that more energy can be captured directly from the sun.

Commercial electric water heaters – there are various models available in the commercial electric water heater range. The standard models have a capacity from 6 gallons up to 119 gallons. They will typically use 24 carat heating elements that are able to resist the build up of scale. The majority of models can convert to three phase or single phrase to ensure that they are extremely easy to install. You will also find that they provide individual internal elements which will make this product far more reliable.

Commercial gas water heaters – the newest version of this is a cyclone model that is able to deliver superb storage and is extremely cost-effective. The commercial gas water heaters encompass a total of four units that can store up to 520 gallons. This type of water heater is ideal for restaurants and hotels. The actual design of the cyclone enables it to easily fit into corners and tight against walls allowing maximum flexibility.

Commercial electric heat pump water heater – this is a fairly new model that allows for both hot water and space cooling simultaneously. This specific water heater is known to be up to 3 times more efficient than a standard electric water heater and up to 5 times more efficient than most conventional gas water heaters.

Commercial oil fired water heaters – these are best known as dual fuel units that can encompass natural gas/oil or propane/oil. These are typically used for large commercial, institutional and industrial applications and they have a storage capacity of up to 575 gallons. Plus every single commercial oil fired water heater has multiple anodic protection, which will help to protect against tank corrosion.

As you can see AO Smith offers a vast range of water heaters which are extremely convenient for both residential and commercial use. All their water heaters have a patented Blue Diamond protective coating that will assure strength and durability for years to come. In fact no other company in the water heater industry is able to offer this patented layer protection and, therefore, you could consider an AO Smith water heater far more valuable than many of his counterparts. AO Smith as a company is known to provide both quality service and quality products and they now have in excess of 70 years experience in this industry. AO Smith has recently utilised their own experience and innovation to produce four brand-new highly efficient residential water heater products. These trademarked products are known as the Effex, which is a gas water heater, the Voltex, which is an electric heat pump water heater, the NEXT, which is a gas water heater and the Cirrec, which is a solar thermal water heating system.

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