AMD Motherboards

The motherboard is one of the main components that are found in modern computers. They contain most of the crucial circuits and electronic devices needed while also providing a platform for other peripheral devices to connect to. Nowadays, there are a number of brands that produce high quality motherboards of which, like in case of processors; Intel and AMD are the two fiercest competitors.

AMD have been manufacturing motherboards since they first started manufacturing central processing units. They are one of the market leaders of computer equipment, producing outstanding pieces of technology with exceptional value for money. Many a times, their products are even found to outclass their rival products of Intel. However, dissimilar to Intel, they do not usually produce their own motherboards and most of them are built to suit computers which are to be used in large businesses.

Many people claim that AMD motherboards are not up to the standards of Intel motherboards due to the fact that AMD uses licensed motherboards of other firms to manufacture many of their motherboards. However, many motherboards have been found to provide much more raw power than those of Intel and they have also started to shift to designing motherboards that are suited for home use and gaming. They have many simple motherboards with very limited features for people who use their computers sparingly. These motherboards offer as much power as required by this particular type of users and are also quite cheap. On the other hand, they also produce large, powerful motherboards specifically designed for more serious users, capable of supporting a high amount of RAM and a number of graphics cards together. Because of the amount of power that can be supplied by such a motherboard, they are becoming hugely popular amongst graphics designers, gamers and simply anyone who require more power to accomplish greater tasks.

AMD are now at such a level that they are designing and producing motherboards that are able to support much more RAM and run more graphics cards simultaneously than modern computers can allow. They are powerful enough to run two computers side by side. However AMD also has the regular buyer with the limited budget in mind and understands that they are greater in number. Therefore, most of the motherboards they produce are quite simple, providing adequate features and have prices that are within a regular buyer’s budget. AMD also follows simple schemes to attract more customers into buying their motherboards. Usually, a number of their motherboards are produced specifically for AMD computers. Therefore, they are sold as a package at a very low price, along with the CPU which is the real source of their income. These packages are usually quite good and offer excellent value for money.

For users who want to upgrade their computers, but do not want to suffer the cost immediately, then the motherboard recommended for them is the M4A78T-E – manufactured by Asus. This motherboard starts off with Radeon HC 3300 graphics card which is equipped with one of the fastest chipsets currently available. The motherboard also contains a 128 MB DDR3 RAM which is quite enough to make a computer run well. If the customer is later hungry for more power, then they can add much more to this motherboard as it contains two PCI Express 2.0 which allows two graphics cards to be run simultaneously using CrossFireX which is more than enough to satiate the hunger of any gamer.

AMD motherboards are considered to be at the top of the food chain sharing it only with a handful of rival firms. They design and manufacture few of the most reliable motherboards that are available, providing service for years at a stretch. But one aspect that is usually disliked by many critics is the fact that their motherboards are relatively expensive. This however is because AMD employs high quality devices and superior construction to manufacture of their first-party motherboards. For users seeking an AMD motherboard at a much lower price, they will find their third-party motherboards are suitable to their liking, all the while performing exceptionally well. AMD motherboards are also few of the only motherboards that offer unparalleled flexibility and power which in many cases is incomparable to others.

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