AMD Athlon Processor

The AMD Athlon processor is the most popular processor of choice among many pc users and especially hard core gamers. The AMD Athlon processor can do so much more than just email, web browsing and word processing. It is the best choice for those in businesses, schools and those into gaming. The Athlon processor is actually the name of a current series of different generations of x86 processors that AMD has been manufacturing for the last 10 years. The first generation was the first desktop processor that could reach speeds of 1 GHZ and held the lead over Intel for quite awhile. One of the latest AMD Athlon processors is named AMD64. It features x86-64 technology.

The first Athlon processor (K7) was introduced into the market in 1999. It was designed by a team of engineers led by a man named Dirk Meyer. AMD’s founder, Jerry Sanders, had formed a partnership with Motorola also so together they were able to refine the manufacturing of copper interconnect a year before Intel was able to. Intel and AMD Athlon are the two best manufactures of CPU processors to date. The two companies are strenuous competitors in this field. Each is trying to beat the other in price, clock speed, power consumption and heat production. All of this competition has led to some of the best processors available to the public. Ever since the year 2000 the AMD Atlon processors have held the lead.

Individuals who are really into computers are really impressed by the speed of these Athlon processors. Current AMD Athlon processors are the 64 x2 and the 64 fx series. They have a clock speed ranging from 2.6 GHz to 3.0 GHz. Intel’s Core 2 Extreme QX6700 has a much slower clock speed of 2.66 GHz. The AMD Athlon beats Intel in price as well. The AMD 64 x2 Athlon processor has a price tag on it anywhere from $170 to $500. Intel’s Core 2 Duo processor is priced slightly higher. You can also get a notebook now with an AMD Athlon processor in it. AMD came out with the Turion Series and the Mobile Athlon XP processor that you can now get in some laptops and notebooks now. These Athlon processors are smaller and produce less heat and use less power than others.

Choosing the right processor is very important. This is even truer if you are into gaming on your pc or notebook. Before you go out and buy a computer, laptop or notebook you can take a look at your usage to figure out which processor is best for you. People who use their computer to play games on it will want the fastest processor they can possible buy. For the person who doesn’t play games and who only uses their computer to surf the internet or read email and use it for word processing it is not essential to buy a computer with an AMD Athlon processor. However, if you have the need for fast clock speeds because you are heavy into gaming or for other reasons, you should go with one of the newest Athlon processors.

If you are going to buy an AMD Athlon processor for your computer you may want to think about buying cooling fans for the high speed processor too. Most of the Athlon processors normally produce very little heat, but, if you think you may over-clock your processor you should get an extra cooling fan.

The 45nm AMD Athlon™ II X2 250 processor is one of the latest processors to be released by AMD. The AMD Phenom™ II X2 550 Black Edition processor has been released recently too. The Phenom II X2 550 is the first dual core in the AMD Phenom II series. It uses the AMD platform technology that is code named “Dragon.” It has dual-triple-and quad-core configurations to give gamers the best gaming experience ever.

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