Altimeter Watch

There is hardly any person involved in sports – especially adventurous sports – who has not heard of altimeter watches. These watches are the best types which can be worn by people when they engage in any sort of sports that require only the highest form of preparation. A few examples of such sports are hiking, skiing, mountaineering and climbing up the hills.

Why are altimeter watches suitable for adventurous sports? The answer lies in the many different features of altimeter watches – all of which have been designed by keeping the sports activities in mind. These watches are definitely much superior to normal watches. The main distinguishing feature is that the altimeter watches provide measurements of altitude – that is, how the height of the place where the wearer is in. The altitude is usually measured relative to sea level; as a result, the wearer gets enough information on how high he has climbed up. The watches also show the changes in barometric pressure that accompany altitude changes.

However, the features of altimeter watches are not just limited to measuring altitude changes. There are other features that are essential when participating in adventurous sports. For instance, climbers need to know whether the weather is safe enough for going up the mountain. As a result, they need to constantly monitor any weather changes that occur. Here altimeter watches become useful. They automatically indicate weather conditions.

In addition, the watches act like compasses, showing directions and helping wearers find their ways. People may also want to know whether the vigorous physical activity and the changes in amplitude are having any adverse effect on their body, especially the heart. The altimeter watches become again useful here since they can accurately measure heart rates.

Many manufacturers also sell altimeter watches that show the speed at which the wearer climbs up and down the mountain; as a result, they can help people who are practicing for any hiking competition. More advanced watches show this speed in graphs. These graphs usually are very detailed and show where the climber becomes slower or quicker. There is also an option to put one axis of the graph as “changes in speed” and the other as “changes in height”. As a result, the wearers can know how much slower they get when climbing up the mountain, and how much faster they get when going down.

The altimeter watches are usually very light; in fact, they weigh around 1.5-2.5 ounces. Like other watches, they are water resistant. People who enjoy water sports can also know how much lower they are under water – with the help of altimeter watches.

Thus it can be seen that the altimeter watches serve many purposes – such as measurement of height, measurement of heart rate and monitoring of weather changes. Before these watches were developed, people would have to carry one separate device for each of these purposes. Thus altimeter watches prevent hassles for the wearer by eliminating the need to carry other devices. The watches are also easy to wear; like other watches, they need to be fastened to the wrist.

So far, the Suuto Core Altimeter Watch has received most rave reviews from the customers. These watches monitor weather patterns as well as measure barometric pressure. They are also less thick than other altimeter watches. One unique feature of the Suuto Core Altimeter Watch is that they have “storm alarms”; these indicate the chances of the occurrence of storms by measuring pressure. They also include digital compasses and thermometers. However, the thermometer can only accurately measure temperatures which are between -20 degrees and 140 degrees. Water resistance and capability to measure water depth as high as 30 feet are other features of the Suuto watches. They are also the most accurate than other watches; however, the accuracy decreases when the altitude exceeds 30,000 feet.

The Freestyle Nomad Altimeter watcher is also great. They provide all the basic functions of altimeters. In addition, unlike many altimeter watches, they are fashionable designed; so, they are suitable for dinners and other formal events. The watches are resistance to water – only if the water depth is less than 30 meters. When these watches first entered the market, they contained “lifetime warranty”, a unique feature that boosted its sales. However, the Freestyle watches which are sold now do not contain the lifetime warranty.

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