All-in-One Washer/Dryer

An all-in-one washer/dryer unit is the perfect choice for those homes with little space. They allow you to wash and then dry laundry all in one machine. Since they do have a much smaller load capacity, they are much better suited for single people or couples. Those with larger families would likely not find them large enough to handle laundry needs. They offer much easier installation than traditional washer and dryer pairs and are vent-less, making them an excellent choice for homes with little space for laundry appliances. They are an excellent choice for RV’s, small apartments and even boats.

While most of these units have very small laundry capacities, there are models that offer larger capacity as well. Most washer/dryer all-in-one units offer a 2 cu. Ft. or an 11 pound washing and drying capacity. This allows for only very small loads such as three to five shirts and a couple pairs of pants. You could get a sheet and pillow case in the wash load together as well.

The convenience is in the unit washing and then completely drying clothes. Since the same machine does all the work, you save time by not having to grab clothes from the washer and put them into the dryer. Of course, since it is all one machine, you cannot wash a load of clothing while another load is drying. The cycle time will also be much longer than a standard washer, but remember that the cycle time in an all-in-one washer/dryer includes complete drying time as well as washing.

The vent-less operation makes them very convenient. Most of these appliances will not require an exterior dryer vent. They plug into a standard electrical outlet so they are very easy to install. Keep in mind however that you will need access to water hookups for washing and for spinning, so the standard washing machine hookups are still required. They are very small units, typically about two feet wide and can fit easily into a closet or even under the counter in your kitchen. Some models even have wheels installed to give you the option of rolling the unit to the sink in order to do your laundry. When you are finished, you simply roll it away into a cupboard or closet.

Nearly all models of the all-in-one washer/dryer combos are energy efficient. They are typically front loading machines and virtually all models carry the Energy Star rating. They help to conserve energy as well as water. If you are considering purchasing an all-in-one unit, be certain that you check for the Energy Star rating if you are attempting to conserve energy as all models may not include this certification.

Using the unit is very easy. You simply set the unit to wash and then dry your clothing. This gives you the ability to do laundry completely before you must return to the machine. Many models feature options to delay laundry and many have pre-soak and other features as well. Most have temperature as well as wash options, including a permanent press cycle for both washing and drying.

All-in-one washer/dryer units can run anywhere between $600 and over $1,000 depending on the manufacturer and the specific features that you choose. While this is much less expensive than purchasing a traditional washer/dryer pair, remember that these are typically designed for smaller loads so if you need a standard or heavy duty washer and dryer, you may not find this unit acceptable. Those who do have limited space or smaller households however, may find the savings to be substantial over the price of a full-sized and separate washer and dryer that can run more than $2,000 for the pair. Those who travel in an RV, live in a smaller apartment or cottage or simply do not need a full-sized pair may find that not having to travel to the Laundromat more than makes up for the price of the all-in-one washer/dryer combination. The unit offers convenience and the ability to save water and energy. Those whose lifestyles suit the capacity abilities may find these units to be more than worth the price.

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