All-In-One Laser Printer

Do you remember the days when you needed four separate machines in order to copy, scan, fax and print? Not only would this have obviously caused problems with desk space, it can also be considered pretty taxing on your budget. However since the inception of all-in-one laser printers you now have one multi-functional piece of technology that is able to handle all four tasks in one go. Although the all-in-one laser printers will be far more expensive than their inkjet counterparts you are still able to bag a pretty good deal.

An all-in-one laser printer is more than capable of producing color documents and photos of outstanding quality however in comparison to the laser alternative it leaves a lot to be desired. The speed and professionalism you will find in a document produced by laser printer is hard to match. The color feature is now available in many low-cost all-in-one laser printers at long last meaning you no longer have to sacrifice the use of color within your business documents.

An all-in-one laser printer actually compares very favorably with a laser printer that is purely dedicated to printing. The majority of all-in-one or multi-functional laser printers even have a range of office oriented features that match the performance of standalone printers. However you should be aware that the newer color multi-functional printers will typically be slower than the stand-alone variety. You may also find that the scan quality of an all-in-one is not as good as a single function printer.

It is widely accepted that if you are willing to give up color within an all-in-one laser printer that the performance will be far better. However we are all fully aware that bright colors can liven up any business document, whether it’s for a specific brochure for your business, marketing report or even something as simple as a school report. Although an all-in-one color laser printer can be considered the ultimate in modern day technology, you will have to trade some form of quality in comparison to a single function laser printer.

All-in-one laser printers are known to scan documents very quickly however their printing speed is pretty slow. On average a multi-functional printer and scanner document takes almost half the time of a stand-alone scanner, but once again the accuracy of color and sharpness may not be as good. Even though the all-in-one variety of printer is far slower than a stand-alone printer, unfortunately, the quality yet again will not to be on par. It is important to realize that you will have to sacrifice quality by having a multi-functional appliance however depending on what you use and need it for, the quality should be good enough to suffice.

Many all-in-one laser printers not only allow you to scan, copy, print and fax, they may even allow you to connect to a network or even handle network scanning or faxing. Whether you have these additional tools or not will very much depend on the manufacturer and the price of the model you buy. You have two options to set up an all-in-one laser printer on a network. Firstly you can install the drivers on a server which will allow each client machine to locate the fax and print drivers on the server and will in turn send jobs straight to them. This is extremely advantageous as the Network Manager will ultimately retain control over the printing properties and the settings that are required for the printer to use it.

You are also able to connect an all-in-one laser printer via peer-to-peer networking. In order to do this you must install the drivers and software onto each client individually. This is very well suited to small workgroups and allows you to scan documents filed on the network however the Network Manager will still be required to install software onto individual workstations. This will mean as an individual user that you have far more control over the actual printer’s settings. Unfortunately as there is no print server with this method, if too many users try to print at once you may run into problems.

There are many different types of all-in-one laser printers available in the marketplace and there are models that that may only cost you $20-$30. However the best models will typically set you back anywhere from $200 up to $500 and will perform the majority of the functions mentioned.

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