Alarm Dialer

An alarm dialer can best be described as a device that you are able to pre-program to automatically call one or more telephone numbers. This will typically be used in conjunction with a burglar alarm and can alert you in the event of an emergency. You can also record a message on to the auto dialer, which will then play that this message to the telephone numbers that are being dialed. An alarm dialer will typically form one small part of a more complete security system. Should an alarm system detect an intruder your alarm dialer will automatically call the telephone number, or numbers, that have been pre-programmed into it. It may also playback any recorded message that you have added.

You will actually find that many alarm systems may not include an alarm dialer as part of their overall package. However, you can still purchase a separate alarm dialer relatively cheaply and add this to your overall alarm system as a separate product. If you choose to purchase this as part of a security system package it will typically include a motion detector sensor and sensors for your doors and windows. It may also include a keychain transmitter and, of course, an emergency alarm dialer. The majority of alarm dialers can call anywhere from 1 to 12 pre-programmed telephone numbers, although this will very much depend on the specific product that you purchase.

You also have the opportunity to purchase a stand-alone motion sensor alarm that will have a built-in alarm dialer. This type of device is extremely handy if you are merely looking to secure just one or two rooms. This type of security system will prove far more cost-effective than buying a complete security system which includes an alarm dialer. A motion sensor alarm will typically use an infrared sensor that will automatically detect motion in a room within which it has been installed. As soon as any motion is detected, it will sound out an audible alarm whilst also activating the alarm dialer.

The beauty of an alarm dialer is that you can program it to either call you on your cell phone whenever an intruder is detected in your home, shop or business. If you are away on holiday, you can program the alarm dialer with the telephone numbers of close friends, family or neighbors. An alarm dialer can additionally be programmed to directly call an emergency service. If your home security system is specifically subscribed to an alarm monitoring service, such as ADT or Brinks, you can actually pre-program your alarm dialer to contact them directly. You will find that all alarm monitoring services employ people who will monitor calls 24 hours a day and seven days a week. As soon as they receive a call from an alarm dialer they will be able to call the relevant emergency services immediately.

The majority of alarm dialers are fitted with a 105db security alarm that will immediately sound once a movement is detected. Many models can also be used in chime mode, which is where a chime will alert you as soon as a motion is detected. This type of alert is best used in a shop or store to alert you that a customer has entered the building. You should also find it extremely easy to set up an alarm dialer. It will typically require a battery, and connections via and A/C adapter and a telephone line. You should then merely mount your alarm dialer in the desired location, usually 5 to 6 feet above the ground is best.

Whereas it can prove to be extremely expensive buying an all in one home security system which includes an alarm dialer, you can typically purchase the stand-alone variety for well under $50. An alarm dialer can be considered an extremely sensible and safety conscious purchase. Unfortunately, when a crime usually occurs there is never anyone around, or by the time the police or emergency services are alerted, the intruder is long gone. You will also find that many alarm dialers come with a wireless connection which may prove to be even more useful. Many films and old-time movies will show an intruder cutting the telephone line prior to entering a house or building. This will immediately disconnect any alarm system and will also stop an intended victim from dialing out. However, with a wireless alarm dialer this will no longer be a problem.

An alarm dialer may also be used for various other reasons and has often been used by companies to report technical malfunctions or power failures. One of the best examples of this would be a cold storage facility. If this is the case, and for any reason the cold storage facility malfunctions, an alarm dialer will send an immediate alarm to an alarm server. This, in turn, will allow for human intervention and can alert a service mechanic promptly, thus saving a lot of potential heartache.

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