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Choosing a new air conditioning unit can be a difficult decision because it requires an understanding of the various systems available. Most units are expensive and some require professional installation, so choosing the wrong one can be a costly mistake. Consumers are faced with decision such as whether to get a fixed or portable unit, and whether it should be capable of heating as well as cooling. The size of the unit must be adequate for the rooms it will be used in, and its power usage should also be considered as most units are expensive to operate.

The evaporative cooler is a simple and inexpensive way of cooling a single room. A fan forces air through a wick dipped in a large container of water. The water absorbs heat from the air as it evaporates, making the air cooler in the process. The extra water vapor also raises the humidity in the air slightly. The temperature decrease is limited to about ten degrees below the ambient air temperature, which is adequate for mild climates but not for very hot climates. The evaporative cooler is also portable and costs less to run than other air conditioner.

Portable air conditioners have wheels that allow them to be moved between rooms. These tall and bulky units need a flexible air hose passed through a window, so finding a space for them can difficult. They are better at cooling than an evaporative cooler and the reverse-cycle models can also provide heating. They are more expensive than window units and are louder too. The main advantage of them is that one unit can be used for many rooms that are used infrequently, such as a dining room.

Window air conditioners are one of the most common air conditioning appliances. They are permanently installed in a window sill or through a thin wall, and most can be operated from a wall socket. With the exception of the evaporative cooler, the window unit is the cheapest to purchase and operate. They can be installed by anyone so there is no need to hire an expensive technician. With the fan and coils both together in the one case, window units are noisy but still quieter than portable units because half of them is outside. A quieter alternative is the split-system which separates the coils and has one located outside the room.

Split-systems have become more affordable in recent years and continue to grow in popularity. They are mostly used for air conditioning large rooms where central heating is not a practical choice. Some units are small enough that they can be plugged into a wall socket but most units need to be wired back to the switchboard. The two units of a split-system are connected by two gas lines and electrical cable. They need to be installed by technicians because the gas lines require vacuum pumping to remove air from them, and they will also connect the units to the switchboard if required.

Reverse cycle is a highly efficient form of air conditioning, especially when used for heating. By adding a valve that allows the refrigerant gas to flow in the opposite direction, a cooling unit can heat as well. By absorbing the heat of the outside air, three times as much energy can be added to the room as that required to run the unit. They are more much expensive than other cooling appliances but they can also be used in the winter months, removing the need to buy a separate heating appliance.

Inverter technology has revolutionized air conditioning by improving the energy efficiency of the refrigeration cycle. It allows the compressor to operate at a variable speed rather than a fixed speed. Air conditioners without this technology have to start and stop each time the room temperature needs changing. A large surge of electrical power occurs during starting so inverters save energy by reducing the need for it. While inverters are more expensive to purchase, they save money in the long term by reducing power consumption.

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  1. George says:

    Air conditioners are of so many different types. People choose a type based on their requirement. The portable one is very handy and convenient and serves a dual purpose. One of cooling and since it can be easily moved around it an be used in any room thus saving the need to get every room air conditioned. Air & Water has all the different types that you can choose from. There are huge savings that you can make with their discount offers.

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    Portable air conditioning units are mostly convenient and handy, it is easy to manage and a great cooling result. These types of air conditioner help me to decide to choose which is better.

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