Air Conditioner Heater

If you don’t have central heat and air then you probably have air conditioner heater units in several areas of the home. While this was a very inefficient way to heat in the past, there are a lot of newer units that will allow you to both heat and cool your home without using as much energy as in the past. In fact, there are some energy efficient models out there that will heat and cool your home using as little energy as possible. If you have a need for an air conditioner heater unit and you haven’t bought one in awhile, you may be surprised at how much they have improved over the last 10 years or so.

If you are replacing an old unit you may find that the newer units are more powerful, yet they don’t take up as much space. This is good news for most people, because air conditioner heat units are usually mounted on the wall, therefore they can take up a lot of much needed common space in the home. Before you begin to shop, you should measure the area in which you will need to install the air conditioner heater so you know what size you can fit in the space.

After you have measured your wall space where you will put your air conditioner heater you will be ready to shop around a little bit. You should definitely look around and see what you can find, as prices often vary wildly between vendors. You may want to look at the beginning of the winter season or at the tail end of the season when vendors are trying to clear their shelves for this seasons products. You’ll find that these units are often on sale during the winter and the summer, so just browse around a bit and see what you can find.

When you shop you will find that prices are all over the map. You have some very basic models as well as some higher end models. The higher end models will have more gadgets to them. For instance, it may have a touch pad user interface instead of dials or switches. In addition, you may have more heating and cooling options with the higher end models where the more affordable options have just one or two heating and cooling options.

You really need to consider what you need before you buy. If you live in the southern climates and you only turn on your air conditioner heater once or twice a season you may want to choose one of the lower end models that will get the job done, but also be easy on your wallet. If this is going to be a unit that you are going to leave everyday, you should definitely consider one of the midrange models. If you like a lot of control over your heating and cooling, you may want to consider one of the high end units.

Of course, you have to consider price when you are shopping. You may like a lot of control over the climate in your home, but if you can’t afford that control then you may need to look at one of the mid range or lower end models. All of the models heat and cool, it is just a question of how efficiently and how quiet. Prices start on air conditioner heater units right around $500 and they go up well over $5,000. As you can see, there is a lot of room to move around and get the unit that really fits your home and your needs perfectly. You have to consider the home that you will be putting it in, how often you’ll use it, and how much you have, but there are options in just about every budget, you just need to shop around a bit to get exactly what you need for the price that is right.

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