ADA Compliant Dishwashers

There are thousands of people with disabilities in the United States alone. These people find it difficult to lead their lives normally. However, at the same time, they do not want to become a burden on others; they want to be self sufficient so that they do not have to rely upon others to do their day-to-day activities. Manufacturers have long realized the needs of these people, and now people with disabilities represent an important customer segment – a segment that is showing increasing growth in buying power. As a result, manufacturers have come up with modified versions of their existing products – versions that are better suited for people with disabilities. Examples of such products can be found from simple keyboards to cupboards. A latest addition to the products catering to the needs of people with disabilities is ADA Compliant Dishwashers. The American Disabilities Act – more commonly known as just ADA – has listed down guidelines for making products that are suitable for people with disabilities. Among the major guidelines are those related to the heights of products. In other words, the ADA wants the dishwashers to be low enough so that people with disabilities can easily use them. These dishwashers mainly target people who cannot walk and who need to use wheelchairs.

The ADA compliant dishwashers are better off with counters that also comply with the ADA. However, many of them can also be used with other normal counters; although these dishwashers must come with adjustable legs so that they can be aligned and leveled appropriately. The ADA compliant dishwashers can also be installed easily since they use electric supply cord and drain hose than can be connected beforehand.

When purchasing dishwashers – let them be for people with disabilities or not, consumers must make sure that they are eco-friendly as well as energy efficient. The best way to know whether or not the dishwashers make the best use of energy is by finding whether they are Energy Star rated. In the past, when ADA compliant dishwashers first came into the market, manufacturers paid little attention in making the dishwashers energy efficient. That is because there were only a handful of such manufacturers, and the lack of competition allowed them to include only the most essential features. However, the situation is different now; there are now almost as many manufacturers of ADA compliant dishwashers as there are of normal dishwashers. Also, most manufacturers of traditional dishwashers are offering ones which comply with AD since only a handful of features, such as height, of traditional dishwashers need to be changed to make them comply with ADA. This means manufacturers must make sure that their dishwashers – let them be ADA compliant or not – must be energy efficient to attract customers.

ADA compliant dishwashers also come with other features. For instance, they have two racks containing spray arms. There is also a water heater inside, which should use the least amount of energy. Usually, in order to be considered energy efficient, the heater should use a power of around 1000 watt so that each load requires only 4.2 to 4.5 gallons of water. It is better if these dishwashers provide at least four types of wash methods – such as “rinse and hold”, “stemware”, “normal” and “pots and pans”. As the names imply, the four methods are applicable for different dishware. The dishwashers usually have indicator lights and dispensers that can help in rinsing. All these features are beneficial to users, especially those with disabilities.

The interior of the dishwashers is made of stainless or white steel. The dimensions of their base are around 23.5 inches x 21.25 inches. This is similar to standard dishwashers. However, the main distinguishing feature of these ADA compliant dishwashers is their height, which is lower than those of traditional dishwashers; the height is usually between 32 1/3 inches and 34 ½ inches. Any dishwasher taller than 34 ½ inches may be difficult for people with disabilities to use and may not comply with the American Disabilities Act.

The warranty provided by the ADA compliant dishwasher manufacturers usually depends on where the dishwashers will be used. For instance, many restaurants are buying ADA compliant dishwashers in order to help the employees who may have some form of disabilities; in this case, the manufacturers provide a warranty of only 90 days. The use of these dishwashers in commercial places is increasing rapidly since most companies now need to hire employees with disabilities in order to comply with the Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) laws. On the other hand, the warranty period is severely increased – to up to one year – if the dishwashers are used by the people at home.

The price of the ADA compliant dishwashers is probably slightly higher than those of traditional dishwashers. Most ADA compliant dishwashers cost about $1000. However, since the number of manufacturers of ADA compliant dishwashers is increasing, the price is falling gradually. In the future, it is likely that the dishwashers will be available at around $800.

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