Acoustic Suspension Speakers

Speaker systems for the home are designed to give the highest quality sound possible. If you enjoy watching movies or listening to music and you want to have the most realistic sound quality, there is a speaker sound system that can meet your needs. You do not have to pay an arm and a leg to get quality sound if you get an acoustic suspension speaker system. The speaker industry was revolutionized in the late 1950s with the invention of the acoustic suspension speaker. This kind of speaker was introduced by a company named Acoustic Research. Acoustic Research was founded by Edgar Villchur and his student Henry Kloss. Acoustic Research is became a brand and is now owned by Audiovox. The technology that afforded this suspension speaker system set the standards for low-frequency performance that we still have today. Its invention was a precursor to stereophonic sound reproduction that we all know and enjoy today. This technology allowed for small speaker system design that produced a low linear frequency response. An acoustic suspension speaker is a sealed box speaker system design that uses the air sealed inside the box as the spring that controls resonance and assists the driver. These kinds of speakers have compliant suspension components and a small diameter woofer and large diameter cross section of surrounds.

For the ideal sound, the frequency response of an acoustic suspension speaker has to be flat to low. The frequency response can be as low as half an octave above the free air resonance of the woofer. The size of the box can increase or decrease the output of the frequency response. A normal output for an acoustic suspension speaker is 35 to 40 Hz. The bass response of an acoustic suspension speaker has various factors that can limit it. One factor is the free air inside the box and around the woofer. The woofer usually has an extended travel voice coil. Another related factor is the linear excursion of the woofer. Still another factor involved in the bass response is the cabinet size and efficiency. The breakup modes of the woofer cone at high excursion or low frequency is another limiting factor of the bass response.

There are many advantages afforded by a well-designed acoustic suspension speaker. The small size gives a tight clean bass response and the small diameter woofer can accept a two-way system. An acoustic suspension speaker gives an excellent controlled response with no added distortion. Since this kind of speaker is so small you can easily put a set in your living room on a bookshelf for comfortable listening enjoyment. A really good acoustic suspension speaker will produce crisp high frequencies, crystal clear mid range tones and a clean and tight low frequency response. You can have a simple two way system if the speaker has a small woofer and a high frequency tweeter. A good acoustic suspension speaker system is inexpensive and can give you all the listening enjoyment you need. These types of speakers are excellent to use in dorm rooms, small apartments and offices.

The Sony SS-MB350H is one example of an excellent set of acoustic suspension speakers that produce 120 watts of power. They are great for bookshelf speakers and will give you accurate frequency sounds without taking up much room. Yamaha NS-B210BR full-range acoustic suspension speakers are another great set of bookshelf speakers to check out if you are in the market for speakers. These acoustic suspension speakers have a light aluminum cone which affords an exceptionally fast response. There are various other brands of acoustic suspension speakers on the market. You can find them at audio stores and various websites online. Prices vary depending on the model and brand and retailer.

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