Acer Netbook

For the past decade, notebook computers have been gaining in popularity and driving down sales of new desktop computers in the process. Today, there is a new type of portable computer that is threatening both markets. The netbook is basically a cut-down version of a notebook that is aimed at casual computer users. It does not have the same performance and features, but it makes up for this by being smaller and lighter. Many notebook manufactures are now making netbooks to take advantage of the huge demand for them. An Acer netbook is ideal for browsing the web, checking email, taking notes, or composing a letter.

Acer is a leading manufacturer of computers for the desktop and notebook markets. The Taiwanese company was founded in 1976 and now has offices around the world. In that time, it has gained a reputation for making quality products at competitive prices. Acer was one of the first manufacturers to enter the netbook market, with their Aspire One range in 2008. They have launched several Aspire One models since then, boosting performance and capabilities with each new model. Every Acer netbook comes packed with features, some of which are not found in other netbooks.

An Acer netbook has an Intel processor and chipset inside it, with the exception of the Ferrari One model that has an AMD Turion processor. The Aspire One 752 uses a special Intel Celeron but the rest use the Intel Atom, which is smaller than a regular processor and uses less power. An Acer netbook comes with up to 2GB of SDRAM memory already installed, which can be expanded to 4GB on some models. It also features an internal hard drive, with a capacity of up to 250GB. Some models have less than this so always check the specifications to find out the actual capacity, and if it can be upgraded to a solid state drive (SSD).

A netbook is very compact but that has the drawback of limiting the size of the LCD display. Most of the Aspire One models have a 10.1 inch display, but there are also a few that have a slightly larger 11.6 inch display. The integrated graphics chip provides enough power to run most video games and graphics applications, although it does not match the performance of the latest video cards. To make it easier to view the display of an Acer netbook, the output video port can be hooked up to a regular monitor with a standard video cable. Every Acer netbook comes with a Crystal Eye webcam built into the top of the display, which is ideal for video conferencing.

The other features of an Acer netbook are pretty typical for a portable computer. It has a compact keyboard and touchpad, multi-card reader, and the usual assortment of interface ports. Depending on the model, the touchpad may support multiple gestures. This is a interesting feature because it lets you carry out actions by drawing certain shapes. There are also two stereo speakers and a digital microphone built into the case. An Acer netbook has support for Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and possibly Bluetooth. The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries last for between three and nine hours, depending on how many cells they have.

The operating system shipped with an Acer netbook will be either Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or the latest Windows 7. There are different versions of each Windows release so be sure to check which one is actually installed. It is possible to run any version of Linux, although some versions may cause a few minor problems that can be easily fixed. There is even an unofficial version of the Mac OSX operating system that will run on an Acer netbook. To help users better manage their computers, Acer include many utility applications, such as Acer Updater and Internet Security Suite.

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