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Laptops come in all shapes, sizes, prices, and features. To choose the right Acer laptop, you first need to determine what you’ll be using it for so that you get the right set of features at the right price. There are many features to consider such as capabilities, additional needed accessories, memory size, monitor size, portability, connectability and operating system. There are low cost netbooks for barebones tasks such as checking e-mail and surfing the web. Ultraportables complement desktop systems or serve as a higher-end laptop for those ho conduct serious business and need portability. Thin and light models combine small packaging with high-end featuring. Desktop replacement computers are the largest and heaviest and provide the kind of features you’ve grown to expect fro your traditional desktop personal computer. Then there is the mainstream choice, mid-size laptops that are the most inexpensive that is used for basic computing that aren’t well-suited for travel.

For some, the Acer laptop will be a replacement to a home computer because it can be an affordable alternative and you can move it from room to room. Consider the married couple that has their computer in the bedroom. Perhaps the wife has a late night ahead of her, and the husband is trying to get some sleep. If they owned a Acer laptop she could take the device to the living room; everybody’s happy. For this scenario, one should consider a mid-size notebook or a desktop replacement model with at least 1 GB of memory, a large hard drive for storing digital photos and video, at least a 14-inch monitor, a DVD burner, wired and wireless networking and an operating system such as Windows Vista or Apple Mac OS X.

The student has another set of needs. There’s the tight budget, portability concerns and the need to have a Acer laptop durable enough to withstand being lugged all over campus in a backpack. Special features to consider for an Acer laptop for a student include at least 1 GB of memory, a big hard drive for MP3 storage, a DVD burner for backups and class projects, wired and wireless connections for classrooms and dorm rooms and an operating system such as Windows Vista or Mac OS X. The multimedia maven or gamer will need a genuine desktop replacement that includes at least 2 GB of space and 15 inches of monitor space, an advanced graphics drive with its own set of memory, the largest and fastest hard drive you can buy with your budget, a two-deck DVD burner (consider HD or Blu-Ray compatibility), multimedia connectors and an attachable keyboard and mouse.

Road warriors, listen up. The smaller is the better choice, even if it means losing out on some features Ultraportables weight less than four pounds and aren’t any thicker than a spiral-bound notebook. Shoot for 1 GB of space, a 13-inch monitor or smaller, wired and wireless networking, an extended battery for the long flights, an external CD/DBD drive or a media slice, a port replicator for the office desk, and Windows Vista Business. Meanwhile, the businessman or businesswoman who uses the Acer laptop for home, work and on the road will need a balance of features. These can include 1GB to 2GB of memory, a 14 or 15-inch monitor, a mid-sized hard drive, a two-deck DVD burner, wired and wireless networking, an extra battery and Vista Business or Vista Ultimate.

Here are some Acer laptops to consider:
The Acer Aspire One AOD15 is a very affordable Netbook with a 10-inch monitor and a moderate keyboard ans battery. It is considered heavy compared to its other Netbook competitors and gets low marks for touch pad and mouse buttons. Acer leads in the Netbook market and the Acer Aspire One AOD15 is a worthwhile addition that gets as far as it does because of its really low price. This model weighs about 3 pounds, 1 GB of space and a 9-inch monitor.

The Acer Aspire One is known for its stylish and thin design although the keyboard is abnormally large. The system is considered affordable, although it only has 512 MB of memory, a weak battery life and no Bluetooth. It’s certainly considered one of the best when it comes to cheap Netbooks, buts its capabilities are very limiting. The Acer Aspire One weighs 2.2 pounds.

The Acer Aspire 5735-4624 is another affordable model that sports a nearly 17-inch display that will appeal those who wish to watch movies or TV on the computer. The body is flimsy and made of plastic, however, and the mouse buttons, screen resolution and keyboard are certainly not the best out there. However, for its price, this Acer Netbook is a decent purchase, especially for the movie and TV lovers out there. The Acer Aspire 5735-4624 weighs a whopping 6 pounds.

Some tips for when you go laptop shopping:

  • Do your homework. Become familiar with your local circulars at local retailers. Get a feel for for the prices they’re asking for on the Acer laptop of your choice. All products have a rock-bottom price they will someday reach; it’s the lowest price that the product will sell for. They key is to find out what this figure is, then hold out for it.
  • Another strategy is to look online for prices, keeping in mind that sometimes bundle deals, or packages that include various accessories, can oftentimes diminish the savings.
  • Don’t be shy about bargaining. Keep proof of what other stores are offering, and try to find a retailer that will beat the competitor’s specials.
  • Fight the temptation to buy the cheapest computer out there. This is a long-term relationship and nothing is worse than being stuck with a product that you don’t even like. Instead, aim for the product that gives you the features you need for the best value.
  • Give the computer a spin. Try out the computer and make sure it’s ergonomically correct for you You may need to purchase a wrist rest for the keyboard and/or a mouse.
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