4-Slice Toaster

If you consistently feel the need to toast four slices at once, the 4-slice toaster was made just for you. Of course, not very many people feel this need that often, but for some people, most notably families or partners who have to leave at the same time, the 4-slice toaster can be a real time saver. A lot of us have to get up and go as quickly as possible, and that means being able to make breakfast within a very limited time slot. And if you’re rushing in the morning to get to work, school, or any other activity on time, the last thing you want to worry about is scheduling turns for a toaster.

That is almost the complete justification for the 4-slice toaster. A 4-slice toaster is not to be confused with a toaster over big enough to hold four slices of toast. Those are simply large toaster ovens. 4-slice toasters are actually automatic pop-up toasters – you slide the bread or pastry into the toaster, set the timer, and it pops out of the toaster completely finished. Although for many people, a toaster over is more convenient, a 4-slice toaster can toast more bread, more quickly, and takes up less space.

Pop up toasters hold a few advantages and disadvantages compared to toaster ovens. The primary difference is that a 4-slice toaster, or any other 4-slice toaster, can only be used to toast bread or pastries. Because of the way they’re designed, there is no way to bake, broil or cook any other type of dish inside the toaster. There is no mechanism to catch any dripping material, and this also makes cooking pastries that contain any sort of filling more risky – the dripping material can burn and even cause a fire inside the toaster.

However, pop up toasters continue to exist because they perform the act of toasting more effectively and quickly than a toaster over. The toast is able to be placed closer to the heating source, which allows the bread to be toasted more quickly on the outside without cooking the inside, if that is your preference. And of course, a good pop up toaster can also toast thoroughly if the settings are turned down. It also toasts more quickly because the heater is closer to the bread, and therefore both toasts quicker and needs less heat to toast. A toaster oven has to heat up more space, and that can take a much longer period of time. That’s an important factor if you’re trying to save time.

4-slice toasters generally don’t cost much more than a regular pop-up toaster – they can be found for less than $20. However, the price of the toaster depends on its features, which usually dictate the temperature and the timing. A very basic model might only have a timer and one heat setting, which can be enough if all you’re toasting is slices of bread. If, however, you need to toast different types of pastries, or frozen items, it is much more convenient to have a toaster that has customizable temperature.

The features don’t stop there. More advanced 4-slice toasters can operate each slot individually, be more easily cleaned, reach higher temperatures, and sport preset functions, like reheat or defrost. For a toaster fanatic on the go, these options can be make or break a toaster model. And even the more feature-heavy 4-slice toasters won’t break the bank – even the upper-end models rarely cost more than $100 – a normal price for a comparable toaster oven. The exception to these are the highest quality toasters, which can cost hundreds of dollars, and are usually made with better-quality metals, and simply emphasize the same features to a greater degree.

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