3D Blu-ray Player

The world scenario has changed with the development of 3D technology. Three-dimensional movies that used to come out once in a decade, are now being released at the rate of two movies a year. Moreover, we all know that this rate is increasing with every year. Three-dimensional technology is no longer limited to purely animated films. With the release of movies like Avatar and Spy Kids, the technology is undergoing a radical change. The technology has also extended to games. With the increased purchasing power parity of the masses, everyone wants to watch three-dimensional movies and play 3D games at home. With this in mind came the Blu-ray movies in 3D, which allow people to watch the movies in 3D format in the comfort of their homes. All they need is a 3D capable Blu-ray player, a pair of three-dimensional viewing glasses and a 3D capable television set.

If you are new to the world of Blu-ray and feel wary about purchasing the 3D Blu-ray player, do not worry. The price of a 3D capable player is not much more than that of a 2-D Blu-ray player. In fact, you could even get one under $200. Besides, once you get a 3D Blu-ray player, you need not invest in any other player, as the 3D version is capable of playing 2-D Blu-ray discs as well as standard DVDs. Many 3D Blu-ray Players also offer online support in the form of YouTube and Picasa. Some even offer online streaming services, which will allow you to stream or download online high definition media. In addition, with Internet connectivity, you can view live BD content that other users put up online. Most importantly, Internet support means that you can frequently upgrade the firmware of your 3D Blu-ray player as and when the company offers upgrades.

3D Blu-ray players read the 3D video encode, and output the video at a higher frame rate in order to eliminate flicker. They also include timing information to control 3D shutter glasses. The main obstacle that the manufacturers will face is getting the customer to buy the 3D Blu-ray Player. After all, many people have bought their 2-D Blu-ray Players only in the past year or so. It is highly unlikely that they will discard it just yet. This is the problem with rapid developments in technology. While everyone wants the player, not many will be ready to splurge their hard-earned money on it, especially in these times of recession.

Even if the customer decides to buy the player, the fact that he needs to buy a new 3D compatible television set to view the 3D movies will automatically discourage him! The price of the player is fine, and many people might be willing to exchange their current player for a new one. However, television sets are a different issue altogether. Television sets are expensive. 3D television sets are even more, and you might end up having to spend a fortune on it. Besides that, one needs to invest in at least one pair of 3D glasses. These glasses do not come cheap either. Certain stores offer a discount wherein, if the customer buys a 3D Blu-ray player and a 3D television set, they throw the glasses in free. With such discounts, it is possible that the manufacturers will get some degree of breakthrough into the market.

The 3D we view on out current television with colored glasses gives a very artificial 3D effect. Instead, the use of polarized glasses, such as those used in theatres along with the support of a 3D television set and a 3D Blu-ray player will give us a much more realistic experience. It will take some time for the market for 3D Blu-ray players to expand. As the quality increases and the prices fall, it will soon become a common sight in everybody’s homes.

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